3 Things You Should Do With A Brand New Phone

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3 Things You Should Do With A Brand New Phone


Congratulations if you’ve just gotten a new phone, I can feel your excitement buzzing from where you are. After the initial excitement of holding the new phone in your hands, comes a wave of excitement-charged confusion. What should I do next? Transfer my contacts? Get a screen protector? Buy a new phone case? Don’t worry, I’m here to dispel your concerns. Here’s a list of 3 crucial things that you should do with your new phone, when it’s fresh out of the box.


1. Unwrap it

This might sound like the most obvious thing ever, but seriously, if you’re paying for a brand new phone, you will want to make sure that it has its original packaging intact with all the accessories that come along with it. Doing some prior research on how the packaging looks like and what it’s supposed to contain helps!


2. Do the 4 ‘Ts’ test

That’s right! It stands for Tap, Tilt, Talk, and Text. These are the 4 basic things you can do to check whether your phone is in good working order.

  1. Tap
    • Tap all over your touch screen, go in and out of apps and try to perform multi-touches (If your phone allows it to)
    • Test your buttons –– Are they performing their functions well? Can they be pressed simultaneously?
      • Home button
      • Lock button
      • Volume buttons
  2. Tilt
    • When tilting your phone to either side at a sharp angle, are any of the parts falling out or is any liquid leaking out?
  3. Talk
    • Call a friend. Can you hear your friend loud and clear? Are you able to adjust the volume of your mic?
    • Can your friend hear you loud and clear? Are you able to adjust the volume of what you’re hearing?
  4. Text
    • Text a friend on both SMS and via instant messaging apps. Are your telco signals strong? Can you send out a message without it being bounced back?

If your phone fails any of these tests when it’s not supposed to, it’s time to get it back to the store where it came from.


3. Get it protected

Congratulations! Your phone is in good working order. Now, for you to explore various smartphone protection options to prevent any mishaps. It’s not just about trying not to drop your phone or keeping it away from wet places –– Some of these mishaps happen at the most unexpected of times. I once cracked the screen of my phone because I fell down, totally unexpected.

  1. Consider investing in phone insurance
    • Check with your telco if they offer special deals for damage coverage. Sometimes, they might even offer cheaper rates if you sign up at the point-of-purchase. Most major telcos in Singapore offer this service at a monthly charge.
    • If your telco doesn’t offer such a service, check with your phone’s brand itself! Some brands offer coverage for your phone at a one-time price.
    • These insurance plans usually provide coverage for both the phone and the basic set of accessories that come with it. When your charging cable malfunctions or when your headset only functions on one side, you’ll be glad you invested a little extra on a good insurance plan.
  2. Buy a sturdy phone case
    • With the influx of different platforms that sell phone cases, they have now become a necessity for novelty and style rather than protection. However, investing in a good phone case can save you and your phone, from heartbreaks –– literally.

Phone cases such as Otterbox and LifeProof offer drop-protection up to 2m and are also dust-proof and snow-proof. Some of their models are also –– wait for it –– waterproof! Now that your first concern is solved, onto the next: Does it look good?


3 Things You Should Do With A Brand New Phone


Here is your answer. Otterbox offers trendy designs with at least 10 different colours to choose from, together with the awesome protection it promises to have. Great news for iPhone users, Samsung users and LG users because these phone cases are compatible with models from iPhone 6 up to iPhone X, Galaxy S7, S8+ as well as LG G5!

If you’re not up for style and you just need some good sturdy protection, opt for LifeProof instead. Selected models are drop-proof, waterproof and even snowproof! Sturdy mesh covers protect your speakers while still allowing it to function as it is supposed to. And if you’re wondering how long your phone can swim, it can withstand being submerged up to 6.6 feet underwater for an hour.

While these phone cases are on the pricier side (they go for S$59 and up), it’s definitely worth an investment especially if you’re not investing in a phone insurance plan. Repairs for phones usually costs hundreds of dollars, so you do the math.


3 Things You Should Do With A Brand New Phone 3 Things You Should Do With A Brand New Phone

What’s more, purchase any Otterbox product or a LifeProof product from the NËXT or SLAM series from nübox before 31st Oct and receive these awesome perks!

If you’ve decided not to do any of these steps, I wish you the best of luck. And if someone decides to do this:

3 Things You Should Do With A Brand New Phone

I hope they catch it.

For more information about the above-mentioned products, visit: https://www.lifeproof.asia/ and https://www.otterbox.asia/

Article by: Cass @ KAvenyou

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