5 underrated Korean bands that you should check out

1. N.Flying N.Flying is a 5-member Korean rap rock band formed in 2013 by FNC Entertainment. Originally started out as a 4-member team, the band debuted with their single “Basket” in 2013. Fun fact about this band is that they made their debut in Japan before they did in Korea. N.Flying officially debuted in Korea […]


2014 FTISLAND CONCERT “FTHX” Live in Singapore New Trendy band N-Flying to open for FTISLAND Singapore Concert!

Coming 8th Mar, Korea rock band FTISLAND will be back in Singapore for their 6th Anniversary concert [FTHX] Live In Singapore! To commemorate their 6th Anniversary, FTISLAND have been holding the anniversary concerts worldwide, even though all members are engaged in individual activities but they are still in preparation for the world tour and hopes […]