THEFACESHOP collaborates with fashion illustrator Grace Ciao for YEHWADAM collection

THEFACESHOP-Nature Collection has collaborated with Singaporean fashion illustrator and watercolour artist, Grace Ciao to release a limited edition YEHWADAM series. This fresh collaboration features Grace’s illustration in her signature style on the bottles of bestselling YEHWADAM Revitalizing Serum and YEHWADAM First Treatment Serum, which are part of the limited-edition YEHWADAM Revitalizing Serum Jumbo Set and YEHWADAM First Treatment Serum Special Set respectively.

The YEHWADAM x Grace Ciao Limited Edition Collection features Grace’s illustrated girls, known as “Bloom Belles”, dressed in a lovely bouquet of blooming peonies. Like a charming peony, the YEHWADAM lady is elegant and blooms beautifully in her own time, regardless of age.

“To me, the YEHWADAM lady is gentle, elegant, confident and beautiful in her own skin. And I wanted a design to reflect that so that it would resonate with THEFACESHOP fans”, said Grace about the inspiration for her design.

THEFACESHOP YEHWADAM range is made with key ingredient, Gyu-Hwa-Bang, that is a blend of three notable ingredients:

• Korean Ginseng – For skin revitalization and the secret to younger-looking skin
• Safflower – Improves skin tone and complexion and has anti-ageing effects
• Goji Berry – For radiant and glowing skin

There are two lines of products within THEFACESHOP YEHWADAM range, namely the Revitalizing range and the First Treatment range.


THEFACESHOP YEHWADAM x Grace Ciao Revitalizing Serum Jumbo Set (S$85)

Embark on a proactive, anti-ageing skincare regime from your 20s with THEFACESHOP YEHWADAM Revitalizing range. The key product of the YEWHADAM Revitalizing range is the Revitalizing Serum that, in addition to the proprietary Gyu-Hwa-Bang, contains lotus flower extract to soothe and re-energize the skin and honeysuckle flower extract that provides a cooling effect to remove skin puffiness and redness. Upon application, the serum stays firmly on the skin without leaving behind any sticky feel.

The range comes in a special limited edition THEFACESHOP YEHWADAM x Grace Ciao Revitalizing Serum Jumbo Set, priced at S$85, that consists of YEHWADAM Revitalizing Serum (75ml), YEHWADAM Revitalizing Toner (32ml), YEHWADAM Revitalizing Eye Cream (8ml) and YEHWADAM Revitalizing Cream (10ml).


THEFACESHOP YEHWADAM x Grace Ciao First Treatment Serum Special Set (S$65)

THEFACESHOP YEHWADAM First Treatment range boosts skin’s vitality which builds up healthy skin condition. the range also replenishes moisture and energy in the skin. In addition to the blend of Korean Ginseng, safflower and goji berry, the products in this line also include Water Lily that provides moisture to skin and Pine Tree Leaf that helps in the skin’s absorption of nutrients.

The key product of this range is the water-boosting and anti-ageing First Treatment Serum. It is used right after cleansing, to prepare the skin for better absorption of the next skincare steps. YEHWADAM First Treatment Serum helps to replenish energy in the skin, enhancing its inner vitality; keeping skin hydrated, healthy and fully revitalized.

The limited edition THEFACESHOP YEHWADAM x Grace Ciao First Treatment Serum Special Set, priced at S$65, consists of YEHWADAM First Treatment Serum (140ml) and YEHWADAM Cleansing Foam (50ml).


The two Limited Edition YEHWADAM x Grace Ciao Collection are now available at THEFACESHOP official online store and THEFACESHOP retail stores.

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