Xu Wei successfully holds first solo comeback concert in Singapore after 18 years


After 18 years, the Taiwanese superstar from the 80s – Xu Wei returned to Singapore for his first ever solo concert “Unforgettable You: Xu Wei”, which also marked his comeback after a long hiatus, at the Star Theatre on 1st August 2015.

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Xu Wei opened the show with his debut song “That Girl / 那個女孩”, emerging on stage in a white military coat that was reminiscent of a white horse prince, followed by other classic hits like “Pen Pal / 筆友”, “Dear Missy / 小姐” and “Recapture That Love / 捕捉失去那個愛”.

This comeback concert also showed Xu Wei’s diverse music tastes, as he performed a series of bossa nova tunes such as “Breezy Morning / 風中的早晨”, “The Place Where I Live / 我居住的地方” and “Sassy Girl / 俏姑娘”. Of course, it would not be a Xu Wei concert if he did not perform his all time classic hit song, “Unforgettable You / 我好想妳”.

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Popular Taiwanese singers Christine Hsu and Billie Wang were invited as the guest artistes for Xu Wei’s Singapore concert, and one of the highlights of the night were the duets they performed with Xu Wei. Xu Wei and Christine did a harmonic duet for “Clay Doll / 泥娃娃”, while he danced alongside Billie during their duet for the classic “Meilan Meilan I Love You / 梅兰梅兰我爱你”.

Xu Wei also belted out hits like “Heartbeat / 心動”, “Loving You / 偏偏喜歡妳”, “DIANA / 戴安娜”, as well as “Who Do You Miss / 亲亲你念着谁”, and “Time Wanderer/ 岁月游子” that were written by Dr. Liang Wern Fook, who was present as the guest-of-honour for the concert.

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The “Red Paco Brothers”, an original cartoon character designed by the talented Xu Wei also debuted at the concert during the encore session. Xu Wei ended the night with “My Wish / 心願” and “Annie / 安妮”, with the promise to return to perform to his fans again soon.

KAvenyou would like to thank LEAP IMS for the opportunity to cover “Unforgettable You: Xu Wei” in Singapore.

Article by: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Xiaosi @ KAvenyou

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