Villains meet Heroes in Xdinary Heroes’ First Concert [Break the Brake] in Singapore!

Xdinary Heroes, the six-member rock band from JYP Entertainment’s sub-label Studio J, is finally in Singapore for their very first concert <Break the Brake> in Singapore. Held at the Esplanade Theatre on March 17, the band lit up the venue as they performed to a full-house that night.

“Ready or not, Xdinary Heroes is going to break everything in front of us that’s stopping us from having fun!”

– Gunil

Villains (Xdinary Heroes’ fandom name) lifted themselves from their seats as Xdinary Heroes turned up on stage with “Freddy”, “Knock Down”, “Checkmate” and “Test Me”. The members were unable to hide their excitement as they took a short breather to introduce the band and themselves, and did not let fans down as they continued the set shortly with “Hair Cut”, “Enemy”, “Man in the box” and “Ghost”.

Fans were in for a treat as Xdinary Heroes slowed down their set with “Dear. H”, “Good Enough” and “Paranoid”. To the surprise of the members, fans were able to sing along well, and even held a mini encore as Jungsu took to the keyboard to play the melody as fans sang along to it.

“Usually, fans will start singing along once we cue sing! and everybody!, but it seems like the fans here can sing even without these cues.”

– Jungsu

In honour towards their label-mates, Xdinary Heroes continued on the show with Stray Kids’ “Hellevator” and Day6’s “Shoot Me”. What a surprise as fans could also sing along to these songs!

The band continued on with a series of songs such as “Freakin’ Bad”, “Strawberry Cake” and their latest title “Break the Brake”, before returning to stage with their encore show “Again? Again!” and “Pluto”.

A surprise VCR was prepared by Singapore Villains, expressing their love and gratitude towards the band for coming to perform in Singapore. Despite being their very first time here, Xdinary Heroes were happy to be able to make good memories, especially as they receive the greatest welcome from their fans. Jooyeon even quipped his fascination over finding vending machines for orange juices around here, as these are usually not available in Korea.

“Let’s be Heroes and Villains forever and ever. Next time when you want to look for us, we’ll be sure to come back for you.”

Xdinary Heroes finished their 2.5-hour long show with “X-MAS” and “Happy Death Day”, and a re-encore of “Freakin’ Bad”. As they thanked their fans once again for their enthusiasm throughout the show, the members share that they hope to return to Singapore again soon, hopefully with an even large venue for the fans.

As the members taught the fans how to express their feelings for the concert, “좋다~“!

Article: Jiayu @ KAvenyou
Official Photos: CK Star Entertainment

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