#WENEEDLOVE Online Concert: Wonho is a fool that knows nothing but WENEE

Following his successful first online concert #IWONHOYOU in September last year, Wonho met WENEEs around the world on 28 March 2021 through his second global live stream concert #WENEEDLOVE with online platform LiveXLive.

WENEE, Wonho’s official fandom name, which means ‘WE are NEw Ending”, and the short form of ‘WE NEEd’, is also the inspiration for the title of the concert, and Wonho’s sincere heart to express love to each other.

Wearing a light blue suit, Wonho started off the concert by walking from his dressing room and slowly making his way to the stage while singing one of his fan favourites, “FLASH”, a track revealed at his first concert 6 months ago, which signifies the special bond shared between him and his fans. His soothing vocals, comforted his fans’ hearts as he sang the lines, “You held me like a hero / when I was unknown, tired and collapsing, flash / you were warm, flash / will I ever find you again? I miss you.”

Q: What are your thoughts on preparing for this concert?

Wonho: I wanted to show as much as possible, and it felt like time leading up to today was really slow. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. I have prepared a lot thinking WENEEs would love it and wanted to show it to them as quickly as possible. 

Q: Name 3 things that gave you strength while preparing for your album/concert.

Wonho: Anticipation of WENEE; Team Wonho that I worked with; it’s really just WENEE

Q: Convey your love to WENEE.

Wonho: *says I love you in 10 different languages in 16 seconds*

Wonho warmed up the atmosphere by unveiling “Best Shot” and “Devil”, stages that were shown for the first time. One could not simply resist and take their eyes off those intense and fatal performances. He continued to fill the stage with his beautiful charms, featuring songs from his new solo album “LOVE SYNONYM”, with “Lost in Paradise” and “Losing You”.

Within hours of his mini album release, “Love Synonym Part.2: Right for Us” took over #1 spot on the iTunes Kpop Album Chart, Top 3 on iTunes Pop Album Charts, Hanteo Charts in Korea, and 5 of his 8 tracks debuted on the World Digital Song Sales chart. In addition, Wonho was named as one of the Breakout Kpop Stars to Expect in 2021 on Forbes Magazine.

Excitement levels were raised as pre-recorded fans’ cheerings could be heard for stages like the English version of “Lose”, “With You”, and an extended English version of “Open Mind” that took fans’ breaths away with his strong yet fluid dance break.

In between stages, WENEEs were also treated to a variety of VCRs and segments such as #WENEEDCHALLENGE, where Wonho had to watch and try to follow the creative choreography of songs created and submitted by WENEEs.

They can really dance! Maybe WENEE could help make a dance choreograph for my next B-side track.

– Wonho on watching WENEEs’ choreographed dances

With an extensive Q&A segment “INSIDE OUT, inner thoughts of Wonho”, Wonho answered all questions sincerely and communicated in real time, as WENEEs around the world expressed their love and support for their idol.

Q: What did you eat today?

Wonho: I feel so full because I had lots of WENEE’s love.

Q: What are your favourite compliments you like to hear so far?

Wonho: I have good ideas, I am a good person, and I really have love for my fans ♡

Q: Tell us in detail, how WENEE is your strength.

Wonho: May it be letters that they sent, I search for it sometimes, letters or reactions they post on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube… etc.

Q: When do you think about WENEE?

Wonho: Whenever I am eating, I also wish WENEE could try this dish as well. Whenever I receive a letter, I always think they could have better rest with the time they spent writing it. The money they spent buying a present for me, could be used to buy delicious food for themselves instead. 

Q: WENEEs worry about your health, if you get enough rest/sleep, and if you are on diet when working out.

Wonho: Don’t worry as I do get a good sleep when I am sleeping. More than a diet, it is just me working out to be healthy. I upload photos of special meals that I ate and want to share for WENEEs to see, but I am always eating healthy meals.

Q: During behind the scenes of Men’s Health magazine photoshoot, you said you were craving for ramyun, did you get to eat it?

Wonho: I did! I had 5 packets of ramyun, and 3 bowls of rice. I was so engrossed in eating I forgot to take a photo. By the time I was done the visuals of the aftermath was not pleasant so I skipped taking a photo hahaha!

Q: Where do you see yourself and WENEE in 10 years?

Wonho: We will be happy, with a daughter and son… sorry, I’m joking! I hope we will be happy and always together like now.

Q: Which of your charms is the most attractive these days?

Wonho: My fresh lemon-like laughter, sexy hips, my sincerity and my love.

Q: What is the source of energy that helps you feel less tired?

Wonho: When I am/ have to film something to show WENEE? Like right now, this moment, I feel like even if I do not sleep or have little rest, I still feel fresh. All because of WENEE

Q: What is the biggest impact on your life nowadays?

Wonho: It doesn’t seem fun if I keep saying WENEE, but WENEE is the standard (laughs). The feeling when I learn something? Lately I am studying the English and Japanese language. I am learning about dance more too. Aside from these, I am doing a lot of things that I wanna show WENEE and activities that they might want to see such as screen golf, flying yoga, coffee making… etc. However due to the coronavirus, there are lots of places where we were not able to enter and film. 

Q: What is one thing that you have to do but yet to be done so far?

Wonho: Cutting my nails (laughs) I was looking at my nails earlier today and thought to myself I should get it cut. I am the type to cut it finely and shorter. I should get it cut, as short like my hair now (laughs)

Q: What is the biggest realisation you have recently?

Wonho: My friend’s dog recently just passed on and this made me realise and have lots of thoughts. With everything, when I am in the position to give, I want to give as much as I want to give.

Q: Where would you like to travel on foot?

Wonho: If I could go anywhere in the world by just walking, can I walk on the oceans? Haha but to be honest, I would start in Korea. There are actually a lot of places I have yet to been in Korea. And then maybe America, like those scenes in Netflix shows, I want to recite those lines while walking in the same location, or even be able to do introduce myself and even have small chats with people I meet on the streets, in cafes or restaurants I visit.

Q: What is your favourite prank?

Wonho: Previously I would throw cringe worthy statements saying ‘You’re Pretty’ (imitating comedian Kim Hae Joon’s character Café Owner Choi Joon). These days I like ‘모~야~호~’ (mu~ ya~ ho~, english translation: Wow~ Hey~ Ho~), a trending meme from MBC’s legendary Infinite Challenge.

Q: If you could have a superhero power, what would it be?

Wonho: My answer has never changed since young – Teleportation. 

Q: Where do you want to go?

Wonho: TO YOU (WENEE) – I have a special skill where I am able to visit WENEE in their dreams. I will be able to visit you without a mask, so see you tonight 😉

Q: Share with us on your upcoming activities.

Wonho: If things go well for the next album preparation, I could meet you in the summer. My company staff might have a difficult time, but we will work hard on bringing in more content on Ohhoho youtube channel.

Q: Make a wish for the remaining year of 2021.

Wonho: Offline concert, world tour to meet WENEEs around the world, and hope that everyone, including me, WENEE, people around me, don’t fall sick, stay healthy~

Wrapping up the concert, Wonho performed “Ain’t About You” and “WENEED” for the encore stages.

“I always have you guys in my heart. Thanks to you, I am able to have this special live again. I have a list of things/content to show you after this show. I am working hard on my next album and hope to see you again soon. I will try my best to show you my true self as WENEE want. I told you guys I’ll meet you soon. Thank you for always being by my side. I’m thankful and really happy today to be able to stand on this stage again. I don’t think I will be able to forget (this day). I love you. I love WENEE ♡ “

Wonho Special Live #WENEEDLOVE is available online via LiveXLive. If you’ve missed the live streaming, you can still purchase your ticket with unlimited rewatch access from now through 29 May 2021.

Article by: Leslyn @ KAvenyou
Official Photos by: Highline Entertainment

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