[Paparazzi Corner] What exactly happened to Korean Pop culture?

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7 March 2016, Singapore – Whatever the title suggests to you, you probably cannot deny that Korea Pop (KPop) culture sees to moving towards a counter direction to what they have built their success on. Gone were the motivational rags-to-riches stories and inspirational young individuals who dared to dream in order to achieve success.


Although the latest trend went a cycle back to the pure and innocent concepts, which veered off the beaten track to many groups who have built their successes on sexy concepts; the industry as a whole could have already dropped into the dark side. Not that kpop scandals were non-existent in the past, but there has been a rise in such negative stories rising to the front. Beast’s Hyunseung being hurled into the spotlight with people questioning his attitudes and professionalism, is this an effect of the “big-headed” symptom? An oozing amount of confidence about himself and his popularity, or did the media over sensationalised things?


Former Cube Entertainment artiste reported to be involved in a prostitution scandal. It couldn’t get any worse than being involved in such a scandal right? Is there any truth in it, or another attempt by the media to what I call “stir shit” in order to make you click on those one-sided stories? Whatever you could be reading on such scandals, take it with a pinch of salt. However, such scandals are not new with T-ara themselves involved years back, and sexy artiste Clara being involved in one with her own company as well.

My take is as much as we love the great culture of Korea, the entertainment industry is going in a direction not very desirable. As long as fans are still reacting to such forms of journalism, more will come to surface whether it’s 100% or 10% factual. There is always 2 sides to a coin, and fans should just enjoy the great music, dramas and varieties rather then being involved too deeply in what goes on behind the scenes.

Let’s continue to enjoy the innocence of GFriend and Lovelyz; as well as the rising popularity of groups like CLC and TWICE. (No bias intended here)

Article by: James @ KAvenyou

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