WayV (威神V) Shares Their Fashion Style, Hobbies and Little-Known Secrets in Exclusive Q&A

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Fronted by Skechers Ambassadors WayV (威神V), Skechers has launched new styles of its classic ‘Energy’ sneaker, one of the brand’s most iconic styles since it was first introduced over 20 years ago in 1999. The launch also includes casual apparel adorned with the same classic SKX logo detail.

In an exclusive Q&A, WayV shared their thoughts on becoming brand ambassadors for the brand, “We are very happy to become ambassadors for Skechers, and we are glad that more people can learn about the brand through us.”

The members also discussed their fashion style and favourite accessory item, such as member Lucas who goes for oversized outfits and completes his look with hats. As for shoes, one common favourite among WayV is black shoes with chunky soles, as they are very versatile when pairing with any outfit, such as black pants or jeans, and it also lengthens your frame. “The Skechers Energy Collection sneakers will be sure give you a burst of energy, as it is very comfortable to wear and pumps you up to exercise.”

On Becoming Skechers Brand Ambassadors

1. How do you feel about becoming Skechers ambassadors?

First of all, we are very happy to become the brand ambassadors for Skechers, and we are glad that more people can learn about the brand through us. After becoming ambassadors, we’ve gotten to know more about Skechers and also met many fans and consumers who love Skechers at the various offline events we attended, so we are very thankful for that too. We hope to showcase an even better side of WayV to everyone in the future, so please look forward to that.

2. The latest Skechers collection that you are fronting is the Energy Collection. How does the group keep yourselves full of “Energy”?

WayV is just like Skechers, in that we are bursting with Energy! Whenever all seven of us are gathered together, we will feel charged up and everything becomes fun and exciting.

Discussing Fashion / Style

What are your thoughts on the latest Energy Collection? Is there a particular fashion or shoe style that the members like most?

We like black shoes with chunky soles, because they are very versatile when pairing with any outfit, such as black pants or jeans, and it also lengthens your frame. The Skechers Energy Collection sneakers will be sure give you a burst of energy, as it is very comfortable to wear and pumps you up to exercise.

Who is the most fashionable person in the group?

It’s hard to pick one person as all seven members have different fashion styles. Some prefer more comfortable outfits, while some members like to pair their looks with accessories, so everyone has their individual unique style.

What is each member’s individual fashion style like? If you had to pick one fashion item that you cannot do without, what would it be?

KUN: I usually dress casually and comfortably, but occasionally I will also wear coats that have a more sophisticated style. The one item I can’t do without would be a bag, which I carry wherever I go. No matter the size, having a bag makes me feel secure.
TEN: I prefer comfy clothing, and usually like to pair my outfits with accessories.
WINWIN: Usually, I go for comfortable and simple looks, such as a black or white base paired with a jacket. I also love to wear hats.
LUCAS: My usual style is oversized outfits, along with carrying a small bag, which I can’t do without. It’s both practical and stylish.
XIAOJUN: Sometimes I like to wear oversized or baggier outfits, but I also go for more fitting clothing too. Hats are my go-to fashion item.
HENDERY: I like the hip-hop look, paired with bucket hats.
YANGYANG: My own personal style is more of a street style look, and I definitely can’t do without adding a necklace.

Members’ Habits & Hobbies

WayV’s image on stage is bright, energetic and lively. How is the group like when you’re off-stage? Among the members, who is the most different while on-stage and off-stage?

When we’re on stage, we will showcase the cooler, more impressive side of ourselves through our performances. Off-stage, the group is also full of energy, as it’s always very loud and fun when all seven of us are together, so we’re happy. There’s not much difference in the members whether on-stage or off-stage, but perhaps we are more chaotic when we’re relaxed and having fun off-stage.

Who is the most energetic member in the group? How does he liven up the mood?

Actually, all seven of us are always full of energy, and we hope that fans will feel recharged and energized too when they see us. The mood makers in our team would have to be Lucas and the youngest member Yangyang.

What activities or personal hobbies do you do to recharge?

We try to get more rest whenever we need to recharge and maintain our energy. Also, we’ll eat some good food, and the members will watch movies or take walks together.

Is there any food that all the members love? Any food that the members dislike?

Our favourite food is hotpot (huoguo), as we gather together to eat hotpot often. As for dislikes, Ten doesn’t eat fruits, but fruit juice is ok for him.

If you could switch an item with another member, what would you choose?

KUN: I want to choose Yangyang’s computer, because I can play plane games on it in the best resolution.
TEN: Winwin and I both love to take photos with a camera, so I want to swap cameras with him for a day.
WINWIN: I want to swap with Yangyang, who has many limited-edition outfits and shoes.
LUCAS: I want Yangyang’s shoes, he has many different varieties of shoes.
XIAOJUN: I want Yangyang’s entire wardrobe!
HENDERY: I want to pick Yangyang’s hoodies.
YANGYANG: I want to swap accessories with Ten, he has many accessories that are stylish and unique.

Considering that WayV consists of members who come from different hometowns and cultural backgrounds, in what languages do the members usually communicate?

We usually use Mandarin the most. Sometimes, Lucas, Xiaojun and Hendery will speak in Cantonese to each other, and Ten, Yangyang and Hendery will use English too. So when all seven of us are together, someone might use a few different languages in the same sentence, which is fun and very special.

What do the members do when you’re staying indoors together? Many more people are also staying indoors right now, what kind of indoor activities would you recommend now?

We will cook food together, and also watch movies. If everyone is feeling bored staying at home, we suggest doing some exercise, which will also improve your immunity and health.

Growth & Experiences Since Debut

When do you feel the love and support from fans the most?

Every moment, as whether it’s a fanmeeting, fansign, or an offline event where we get to meet the fans, we truly feel their love and support, and we are very thankful to our fans.

What are some things that the members would like to learn from each other?

From our debut until now, we’ve learnt how the seven of us can interact and become a team together, and now we’re like a family. Everyone has their own strengths and things they are good at, so we learn many things from each other. Recently, Kun has been making lots of delicious food for us, so we’d love to pick up some cooking skills from him. Some of the members also have amazing language abilities, so we are learning new languages from each other.

Since your debut, which aspect do you feel the group has grown the most?

We are slowly finding our own unique sound and musical style. When we are able to better showcase ourselves through our music or our performances, we feel that we have grown musically. Also, when we perform and realise that the synergy between the members have improved, that’s when we realise how much we’ve grown too.

What would be the one performance that has left the deepest impression on you? Why?

It would be our first appearance on a variety show right after our debut, it will be hard to ever forget how we felt then. Another would be our first performance during our first-ever fanmeeting, as we’d never have imagined that so many fans would come to see us. We were very touched and grateful to the fans.

What are your thoughts on the time since your debut?

It feels like the time since our debut has gone by so fast, and there are many things which come to mind. We’ve released three albums and showcased ourselves at performances and events. We even toured with a fanmeeting series at the end of last year. In the past year, there’s been many things that we are happy to have experienced and many people we are thankful towards. Especially our fans who have been supporting us, as it’s their presence that have made WayV who we are today. We hope that we continue moving forward together, as we are the happiest when we can showcase our performances to our fans.

What’s Next and Words to Singapore Fans

What are your plans for 2020?

In the rest of 2020, our biggest plan is to showcase even more, and even better music from WayV. As you might have seen from our Weibo posts, we are currently in the midst of preparing our next album. Please wait just a bit longer for us, we promise not to disappoint you, so please look forward to that.

What is one country or place that the members would like to visit or perform in?

We’ve been to many countries and places since our debut. If there is an opportunity we would love to travel to Singapore for a visit, and also to showcase our performances to Singapore fans.

What impression does the group have about Singapore? Anything you would like to try in Singapore?

We know of Singapore as a clean and very beautiful place. We’d love to try seafood and the famous chili crab in Singapore.

Lastly, please share some words to Singapore fans.

To our Singapore fans, thank you so much for all of your support. We hope that if there is an opportunity in the future, we can showcase our performances for all of you in Singapore. Please look forward to that, and we’ll see you then!

The Skechers Energy Collection ($129) is created with a solid-colour leather upper in either black or white for a highly versatile shoe that can be easily paired with any style, and chunky 1.5 inch heel for a retro look that also serves to lengthen your silhouette.

Now available online at Skechers on Lazada: 

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