Watch What Happens When a Girl Dates the Most Romantic City, Seoul!

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What happens when a girl dates the most romantic city? Watch this amazing video, “Will you date Seoul…Again?” newly made by Korea’s #1 Travel Shop,, which portrays a girl’s romantic journey in Seoul, South Korea.

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Let’s follow the girl in the video whose name is Minju, as she goes on a date with Seoul and its vicinity on a one shiny day- getting prepared, getting to know each other, and eventually falling in love. Watch till the end to find out the love of her life!

“Will you date Seoul…Again?”


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Now, would you like to date Seoul, too? If you are curious where Minju fell in love with and the fun, one-of-a-kind experiences that she did, browse through, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop, where you can find all the latest things to do in South Korea.

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Check their Facebook page ( regularly as well for the most up-to-date travel information, great deals and promotions, and of course, the best tours. 😉

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