[Wanderlust Wednesday] How to enjoy K-Pop in Korea without stalking your idols

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18 February 2015, Seoul – Are you a big fan of K-Pop and want to make some special memories in Korea? If you are from outside of Korea, there aren’t many chances to meet K-pop stars although you are a really big K-pop fan. But if you’re in Korea, the hometown of K-pop, there are more chances to dive into the real K-pop world.

However, you may not know how and where to meet your K-pop idols and see their performances. This will guide you in two major ways to help you experience the genuine K-pop music. Make unforgettable K-pop memories during your stay in Korea.

  1. Watch a hologram concert

Everyone wants to meet their K-pop stars face to face by going to their concert or fan meetings but it is difficult to meet them as a short term traveler. There isn’t enough time to follow them all the time and there are also so many other things to do and many places to go. For travelers who don’t have much time to spend to catch up on the idols’ schedules, hologram concert is a great option.

There are two major options for holograms:

  • K-LIVE offers hologram concerts of YG Entertainment artists: Big Bang, 2NE1 and Psy. See more options here.klive
  • SM Town currently holds a special hologram musical called School OZ at SM Town Coex Artium. Find more details here.

sm town artium

  1. Visit Free Korean Music Show

There are 4 major music shows for K-pop: SBS Inkigayo, MBC Show! Music Core, KBS Music Bank and Mnet M Countdown. You can watch these popular music shows at the broadcasting centers. You don’t know how to get a free admission to these music shows? It’s a bit complicated but we will let you know how to book it. Give it a shot!

You can get information here.

music show

Don’t forget to visit your everyday travel guide for Korea, trazy.com to explore the most up to date travel destinations.

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