[Wanderlust Wednesday] Gotta Catch Them All: Pokémon Café in Singapore!


We know this is a late post, since the Pokémon Café has been here since May, but hey! Better late than never right? XD

Our KAvenyou staff had the chance to visit the Pokémon Café sometime in June, and this is our take on the popular Café! Located at Bugis Junction, Pokémon Café was actually a restaurant called Everything with Fries (EWF). EWF transformed the whole place into a Pokémon themed restaurant with the place decked out in posters and pictures. So what’s on the menu?

For the mains, they have Omelette rice, Beef Patty with Mashed Potatoes, Bolognese with truffle fries! The beef patty with mashed potatoes was unavailable when we were there though!

For drinks, they have lemonade, passionfruit soda with mango sherbet, latte (served hot or cold) and soda pop!

As for desserts, they have pancakes, creampuffs, sponge cake in parfait and hydro pump dessert that was made up with jelly, candies and pokeball (made with white chocolate and custard cream)

Don’t forget that each drink allows you to get a free coaster (exclusively only for Pokémon Café!), they have 5 designs in total but you are not allowed to choose, so it’s all random and all up to luck!

Pokémon Café also released their special Poké Cup that you are able to get if you ordered the omelette rice or sweet pancake from the menu.

This was our order:

Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette with Magma Sauce – $25.00 (if you wondering what the magma sauce taste like, it’s a non-spicy sauce that you can drizzle on your rice)


Pokémon Café Truffle Fries – $12.00


Pikachu Sweet Pancake – $20.00

Photo 2-6-16, 5 47 00 PM

Pikachu Latte – Hot and Cold – $8.00 / $9.00 respectively

Photo 2-6-16, 5 54 54 PM

Our very honest opinion?
Pricey food and it’s all about the design / cutesy Pikachu-shaped dishes that seems Instagram-worthy! Not forgetting the squeezy space you have to put up with while dining since their tables and chairs are placed quite closely to each other (I guess to accommodate more customers!)

The only good thing is probably getting to bring back the limited edition Poké mugs (if you ordered either the omelette rice or pancakes) and coasters designed with Pikachu!

There is also a mini merchandise corner. They have exclusive items just for the Pokémon Café and also a photo booth with Pikachu headbands and costume for you to take photos with!


If you would like to visit the Café, do note that the weekends might be crowded as compared to weekdays, and this exclusive Café will only be here till the end of July!

Do let us know if you know any interesting cafés and look out for more on the Wanderlust Corner!

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