[Wanderlust Wednesday] 5 Secret Korean Hotspots worth Traveling For This Summer!

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Do you want to travel like a local, and not a tourist, this summer in Korea?

Local travel experts from Korea’s #1 Travel Shop, Trazy.com, reveal five travel-worthy summer hotspots that you will never know unless you are an insider.

Read on to discover these hidden gems and find out what you can do in each of these destinations this summer.

  1. Go canoeing and explore nature up close in Chuncheon City

Many people travel to the city of Chuncheon near Seoul for Nami Island and its stunning tree-lined paths and scenic views of the surrounding river and lake. But did you know you can also canoe near Nami Island?

Just a short distance away from Nami Island, Chuncheon’s Mulle-gil offers an amazing canoe experience on a beautiful river, making it an ideal destination for those who want to a short break from the city and go on an exciting outdoor adventure.

Check out this Nami Island and Chuncheon Mulle-gil Tour which will make your journey a lot easier.

  1. Enjoy a picture-perfect day at Taean Lily & Light Festival

Well-known for its tulips in the spring, Taean County situated in the western part of Korea is also worth a visit during your next summer trip.


From mid-July through early August, Taean will be hosting a lily and light festival showcasing 2 millions of lilies, which is an absolutely stunning sight that cannot be missed.

At night, thousands of colorful LED lights will brighten up the lily gardens as well. If you want to visit the festival, be sure to book this Taean Lily & Light Festival Afternoon Tour.

  1. Get ready for an action-packed day in Mungyeong City

Venture to this exciting new entertainment destination hidden in North Gyeongsang Province, Mungyeong City, for an action packed day of fun with your friends!

From a scenic hiking trail in Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park and a thrilling zipline experience, to a wine tasting experience at a local winery where visitors can enjoy sampling a premium liquor made of ‘omija’, or red Korean berries, the city offers plenty of attractions for you to beat the heat.

*Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park also offers an outdoor drama set where many popular Korean dramas including a hit drama, “My Love from the Star” starred by Kim Soo-hyun Jun Ji-hyun, were filmed. This park is a must-visit if you are a fan of K-Dramas! 😉


For travelers, there is no easier way to see the best of Mungyeong than by taking a tour. Sign up for this ultimate day tour to Myungyeong which combines a hiking adventure with zip-lining and wine tasting.

  1. Dive into the underwater snorkeling scene in Jangho Beach

Located in the east coast of Korea in Samcheok City, Jangho Beach is an under-the-radar destination which offers crystal clear waters and a beautiful crescent coastline.

The beach is even worth visiting as it offers visitors a chance to try snorkeling! For those interested in snorkeling, partake in this Jangho Beach Snorkeling Tour.

  1. Surf in style at a secret, private beach hideaway in Yangyang County

Forget Seoul! Instead, head to this strip of private beach nestled in the coast of Yangyang County, Gangwondo Province.

Known as surfers’ hotspot, Surfyy Beach is Korea’s first beach exclusively for surfers. Not only the beach offers a new generation surf facility but also a perfect environment for those who want to catch some waves without crowds.

If you want to enjoy surfing in Surfyy Beach, grab your squad and sign up for this one-day surfing tour together!

Enjoyed reading this article? Be sure to hit up these secret hotspots in Korea this summer! For those who want to visit any of these destinations, you can simply book your trip online at Korea’s #1 Travel Shop, Trazy.com.

Photos by

Taean Flower Festival

Chuncheon Mulle-gil

Mungyeong City Hall

Surfyy Beach

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