[Wanderlust Wednesday] Best kept secrets outside of Bangkok

The best kept “secrets” beyond Bangkok that is worth a visit


We know all about the night markets, weekend markets and hipster cafes in Bangkok city, but do you know that Thailand is more than just cheap shopping and food? The word cheap kind of degrades the rich culture and heritage of the country. So what other secrets can you include into your next Thailand trip?

Khao Yai

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Khao Yai is getting more and more popular, just a couple of hours outside of Bangkok. Popular tour sites like Klook offers “tours” for a day trip to Khao Yai, for you to get nearer to nature. Visiting Khao Yai is akin to visiting Europe, with beautiful flower farms, a Santorini mock-up; and many more to explore.


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If you are looking for more heritage, and really a less touristy location; Kanchanaburi could be a good choice. The main sight of Kanchanaburi is probably the Bridge over the River Kwai better known as the infamous World War II Death Railway to Myanmar. Apart from the bridge, there are also multiple attractions for you to get closer to nature, and get in some instagram-worthy shots.

Bang Krachao

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Surrounded by Bangkok’s urban jungle lies a gorgeous green oasis: Bang Krachao. This island, located in the Chao Praya river is Bangkok’s best kept secret. Here you will find nothing but coconuts, little villages, jungle, buddhist temples and cycling paths; akin to Singapore’s Pulau Ubin. For the leisure cyclists, take a day trip to explore this beautiful island.

So are you itching to plan your next Bangkok trip to include some of these beautiful places?

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