VIXX greets fans ahead of their Fantasia – Utopia concert through Q&A!

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20 May 2015 – With the upcoming Live Fantasia – Utopia concert coming up, KAvenyou had the opportunity to interview the boys of VIXX through organizer, Three Angles Production. Here are what they have to say!

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VIXX held their first concert, VIXX Live Fantasia – HEX SIGN recently, and now the boys are back with Live Fantasia – Utopia. What are the differences in terms of concept, song arrangements and performances?

두번째 공연에서는 저희 빅스 멤버들의 개인무대를 준비했습니다. 6명 빅스의 개성을 살린 모습을 개인무대에서 보여드릴 예정이구요. 좀 더 관객분들과 호흡하고 다가가고 소통하기 위한 무대 구성을 한 거 같아요.

For our Fantasia-Utopia concert, we prepared individual performances of each member. We are planning to show six different individual stages, in which we can communicate more with the audience.

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What are VIXX’s biggest achievements so far?

이번 이별공식 활동으로 음악프로그램 8관왕을 기록한 일이 아닐까 싶어요. 정말 예상치 못하게 너무도 큰 사랑을 받아서 활동하면서도 하루하루 행복하게 활동할 수 있었어요.

The biggest achievement we’ve made so far is winning 8 trophies for ‘Love Equation’. We are grateful and excited to receive such unexpected love and attention.

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Was there any hardship or difficulties VIXX faced during the process of planning / practicing for the concert?

저희가 ‘이별공식’ 활동과 각자의 개인활동을 병행하면서 콘서트를 준비해야 했기 때문에 좀 힘들기는 했지만 오랜만에 팬들과 만나는 단독 공연이기 때문에 설레는 마음으로 열심히 준비했어요.

The schedule was tough this time, preparing for the concert with all the individual activities and shows we had to participate at the same time. But we were still very excited to meet with fans in our solo concert.

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What can the fans expect for the concert that will be held in Singapore on 29 May 2015?

항상 그래왔듯이 저희가 보여드릴 수 있는 것들을 열심히 준비한 만큼 팬 여러분들께 전부 보여드릴 생각이에요.

Like always, we’ve prepared for concert the best we can and we are going to show them all to the fans.

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank Three Angles Production, CJES Entertainment and Jellyfish Entertainment, IMEsg for making this happen.

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