Unboxing of Girls’ Generation 2014 Season’s Greeting – Calendar, Scheduler and DVD

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One annual activity that fans do to prepare for the new year is to get themselves new calendars, and we are sure 2014 will not be different. Here at KAvenyou, we have gotten our hands on season’s greeting packages and calendars of various artists, and will be doing a series of unboxing specials to reveal what you are going to pay money for. For a start, we will kick things off with popular female group “Girls’ Generation (SNSD)”.

SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 098

One obvious difference this year is that calendars are no longer sold separately like they used to be available at Everysing. Everybody should be familiar with Season’s Greeting packages that usually includes calendar, scheduler, notepads and things along that line. As far as we are aware, calendars are sold as part of such packages this year for SM artistes and the Girls’ Generation version includes a desktop calendar (the larger wall calendar seemed to have been scrapped), a scheduler and a DVD.

The 2014 calendar photos seems to be a much simpler affair as compared to previous years. If you are looking for fanciful themes like 2013’s glamour and classic looks or 2012’s young and character-filled images, you may be slightly more disappointed. The girls have obviously grown up, and there is no running away from the transition to become more charismatic young women. If IU is already a young woman in her comeback, why would Girls’ Generation be any different?

SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 062 SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Tiffany SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Tiffany SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Yuri SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Yuri SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Sooyoung SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Sooyoung SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 069 SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 070

The outfits focuses a lot on simple black and white tones with a few exceptions. The photos looks a lot like what you will see in fashion magazines, but definitely brings out the young women feel. The knitted wear also reminds you that the cold winter is still ongoing. The beginning of the year sees Tiffany, Yuri and Sooyoung filling up your otherwise dull-looking desks.

SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Yoona SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Yoona SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Seohyun SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Seohyun SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Taeyeon SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Taeyeon SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 077 SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 078

The Spring season is covered by Yoona, Seohyun and Taeyeon, and clearly Taeyeon’s floral top reminds you of spring/summer collections?

SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Sunny SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Sunny SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Jessica SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Jessica SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Hyoyeon SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- Hyoyeon SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 085 SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 086

The Ice Princess Jessica, Sunny and Hyoyeon shows you how to look cool for the Autumn and Winter season for 2014.

Apart from the calendar, which we think is the key reason why anyone would part with their cash for, below are some shots of the scheduler, which essentially uses the same photos as what is already in the calendar. The scheduler has a monthly and weekly planning section, and a section for notes at the end. Otherwise, it is really no different from any other organisers or schedulers out in the market.

SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 087 SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 088 SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 089 SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 090 SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 091 SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 092 SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 093 SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 094 SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 095 SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 096 SNSD-Seasons-Greetings-Calendar-2014- 097

As for the DVD, it will probably make more sense for you to go grab a copy and take a look. The Season’s Greeting package seems to be selling extremely well and each box will set you back by 35,000 Korean Won or thereabouts.

Hope you liked our unboxing special to start 2014, and more to come…

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