U-Kiss and KISSMEs share “One love” during Europe tour

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U-Kiss in Paris

On September, 28th, the Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star finished their Europe tour with a concert in Paris, France. The tour included a total of three concerts in Russia, the United Kingdom and France.

The members of U-Kiss had already come to France once before (for Music Bank in Paris in 2012) and many of their fans in France had been waiting ever since then for a solo concert. Hence, on Sunday morning, some KissMes arrived in front of the venue as early as at 3am. While waiting for the doors of “La Cigale” to open, they were preparing for the fanprojects as well as singing the fanchants.
But fans weren’t the only one who were looking forward to this concert. As U-Kiss members explained later on, there has been many times when they have felt love from their french fans and hence were really happy to finally perform a solo concert there.

It could be why the venue was so full of love. When U-Kiss performed Someday, fans held up a banner thanking U-Kiss for holding a Europe tour. On the next song, One Love, fans held a flashmob event, performing a cute choreography that expressed the lyrics of the chorus. Stating that U-Kiss and KissMes were indeed one, U-Kiss’ leader Soohyun shed tears, proving that the group and their fans share the same love.

On up-beat songs such as “Neverland” (seemingly one of the most awaited song of the concert), fans danced and jumped, not sparing their energy and enjoying the concert to its fullest.

For European KissMes, the concert was also a good opportunity to officially welcome Jun as a new member of U-Kiss. To the point that the french KissMe who’s been lucky enough to sit on stage for one song had to rank the members according to her preferences, she even chose Jun as her favorite member.

Through this Europe tour, U-Kiss proved that they are a strong and powerful group who can rely on the love from KissMes to create beautiful memories all around the world.

Photo credit : Kevin’s twitter account
Article : Céline

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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