[Singapore Coverage] TWICELAND ZONE 2 – Bigger, Better and Twice the fun

When it comes to K-Pop, bigger does not often translate to better. For the case of TWICE, they promised TWICE the fun, since their “fans have doubled” according to Jihyo; when we met her at the media conference. This is the 2nd time in as many years that TWICE came to Singapore for their concert – TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park.

twiceland zone 2 - presscon

The girls greeted the media in their colourful floral outfits, and Nayeon expressed her gratefulness to be back i Singapore. Chaeyeon gave the media a verbal peek, as she shared about the unit performances they prepared for the concert.

Chaeyeon’s words were undeniably true, as TWICE broke into units to perform many popular K-Pop hits; such as Beyonce’s “End of Time” by Jihyo, Momo and Tzuyu, and Dahyun’s solo rendition of Rain’s “Rainism”. Momo herself went back on stage and transformed into Sunmi with “Gashina (가시나)”.

Back at the media conference, TWICE revealed their individual “comfort” item that they need to travel with. Jihyo is a photo buff, and Mina being a movie buff that cannot do without her tablet. Jeongyeon’s ears feels discomfort when flying so needs her headphones for music, Momo is a sucker for snacks, and Dahyun cares more about her beautiful white complexion; so her skincare products are a must.

The “Heartshakers” educates on “What is love”

If you are looking to pick up Korean, Jihyo has some tips for you. Listen to the song “What is love”, as Jihyo shared that there were many commonly used words to be learned. Perhaps that was also why TWICE performed “What is love” twice as well, a normal version and an acoustic version. Is that a message for ONCEs who visited the concert?

kavenyou.com/twiceland-zone-2-twice-the-fun/twice-singapore-concert-group-photo/” rel=”attachment wp-att-106536″> Credits: ONE Production[/caption]Esse

Essentially, the entire concert experience was like a roller coaster ride, like the one that SANA wanted to design in her ideal “Fantasy Park”. ONCEs were introduced to the park when TWICE first appeared in their gorgeous white gowns. However the quietness eludes us, and Fantasy Park explodes into live with “Ooh Ahh”, “Ponytail”, “Cheer Up”, and “Likey”. The carnival then went into overdrive when TWICE transformed again in their performance of BoA’s “Valenti”, and the other unit and solo stages.

The whole concert experience was exquisitely planned, and perfectly executed by TWICE. The effort put into every choreography and performance was testament to how they have rose to the top of the KPop market. As TWICELAND Zone 2: “Fantasy Park” comes to a close, we are already looking forward to their impending comeback with “Dance the night away”.

We will like to show our appreciation to ONE Production for TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park in Singapore, and for having us immersed in the atmosphere.

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