‘WOULD YOU RUN’ Into a New Universe With TRI.BE at “VENI VIDI VICI” SEA Press Conference

Global rookie girl group TRI.BE has made a comeback with their 1st mini album “VENI VIDI VICI” earlier on 12 October 2021.

The album “VENI VIDI VICI” contains a total of 7 tracks, including the energetic title track ‘WOULD YOU RUN’, as well as previously released tracks ‘DOOM DOOM TA’ and ‘RUB-A-DUM’. ‘-18’ showcases the performance group, talking about the dreams of the three members and things they want to do when they become above 18. ‘GOT YOUR BACK’ features the vocal group, showcasing the vocal capabilities of TRI.BE to break the stereotype that “K-Pop idols can’t sing”.

“VENI VIDI VICI” consists of new challenges for the group, such as new music genres and unit activities, which is fostering great interest from all around the world.

KAvenyou attended the Southeast Asia press conference for “VENI VIDI VICI”, where we learnt more about the comeback album from the TRI.BE members themselves.

“VENI VIDI VICI” is Latin for “I came, I saw, I conquered”, and the basic idea behind this was that through this album, TRI.BE wants to try to conquer new universes with their diverse music, and the girls’ favourite part for ‘WOULD YOU RUN’—for member Mirae, it’s Soeun’s part which is also the ‘killing’ part where the beat drops and the mood suddenly changes, to which Hyunbin and Kelly also agreed is the best part.

Regarding their comeback preparations, Jinha mentioned that it’s been only about 8 months since their debut and they already had 3 releases, thus they have very little time to prepare for each comeback. Despite that, the members really enjoy singing and performing on stage, and also they did not want to keep their fans waiting, therefore they keep pushing themselves for each comeback.

About The Album’s Individual Tracks

The following are what the TRI.BE members described of the individual tracks in the album, as well as the meanings behind each song:

Title track ‘WOULD YOU RUN’ is a moombahton genre song that has a unique brass rift and a very catchy melody. The song explains TRI.BE’s determination of ‘would you like to run to the new universe with TRI.BE?’

‘LOBO’, means ‘wolf’ in Spanish, and if you’re familiar with TRI.BE’s B-side tracks, this song is a continuation of their B-side tracks that start with the letter ‘L’. ‘LOBO’ describes that they are just like pack of wolves, that are not afraid of anything when they are together.

‘-18’ is a cute and whimsical song by the performance unit, consisting of Soeun, Hyunbin and Mirae. The track is titled as ‘-18’ as the members are under the age of 18, and the song is about what they want to do when they turn 18.

‘GOT YOUR BACK’ is the vocal unit’s song, consisting of Jinha, Jia, Kelly and Songsun, and as per what the title says, it means that TRI.BE has got your back and are behind you every single time.

For the song ‘TRUE’, the name says for itself—the track is dedicated to their fandom TRUE.

Challenges Faced For This Album

Hyunbin felt that ‘LOBO’ was difficult to learn and make it into their song when they first received the demo from the producers, as she had a hard time getting used to the melody as the track is very different to the others in the album.

For Kelly, she thought that ‘WOULD YOU RUN’ is the hardest song for her as her parts in the song are very high; and for Songsun it was ‘GOT YOUR BACK’ which she participated in the composing of the song, and there are a lot of ad-libs in the chorus which she had a hard time coming up with the melody for.

Soeun felt that ‘-18’ was the hardest as she was with Hyunbin and Mire, who are the main dancers of the group, for the song and it would be a lie if she said that she did not feel pressured to dance with them. However, she was able to learn a lot while dancing together with the two members.

The members admitted that there have been plenty of ups and downs throughout their releases so far, but the biggest reason that they are all able to stick to their definition of an artiste is that all seven members are always together and relying on each other. Hyunbin also added, when some of them are having a bad day or facing any problems, the members are always there and discussing about how they can improve, making sure that everyone is on track. Soeun also chipped in that the members are probably the biggest reason, but all the support coming from the fans is basically what keeps them going in the direction of what they think an artiste should be like.

Who TRI.BE Wants To Collaborate With

Jia is a huge fan of Post Malone, and once the question was asked, she almost immediately said out his name, likewise for Soeun who mentioned Ariana Grande as she’s her fan. Mire mentioned her idols, BLACKPINK and Songsun summarized by saying that they are looking forward to work with various artistes as TRI.BE themselves are always open to new genres and different kinds of music, hence they are always open to such opportunities to work with amazing people.

TRI.BE’s Upcoming Plans & Goals

TRI.BE thanked fans for their love and support for the group, which allowed them to come this far and consecutively come out with new releases even though they have only debuted in February this year. Hyunbin gave a spoiler that TRI.BE is currently preparing for something big, which she can’t share any details, besides to look forward to next year and hope that everyone will enjoy it!

On their goals, Mire hopes that they will be able to perform at concerts, to be on stage and perform in front of their fans in person, and the group is always talking about going on a world tour; to travel outside of South Korea to meet their international fans as well. Jia’s goal as an artiste; as TRI.BE, is to become a K-Pop group that is always there for their fans and bring comfort to people who listen to their music.

Message To TRUE

Having debuted in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, TRI.BE is unable to meet their fans, especially global fans in person. Despite the circumstances, TRI.BE is always thankful to their fans who are always supporting them and giving them love, and they are really looking forward to meet all their fans in person whenever the situation improves.

Watch the music video for TRI.BE’s ‘WOULD YOU RUN’:

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