[TRAZY] Create your very own perfume in Seoul with GN Perfume Studio

Have you ever dreamed of having a unique fragrance that belongs to you? Here is your chance to DIY and create a perfume in Seoul with your favorite scents based to your preferences. “Make Your Own Perfume in Seoul” workshop is available on Trazy.com, a foreigner-friendly booking website with unique activities that are popular even among Koreans!

Conveniently located in the heart of Myeongdong Shopping Street, the workshop is held in GN Perfume Studio which is well-known for their perfume-making workshops in Seoul. The DIY perfume workshop will begin with filling in a questionnaire to find out more about your personality and preferences of scents.

Step 1: Choose your perfume base

The perfume making workshop will kickstart with an introduction of the 7 perfume bases available, followed by choosing your favorite perfume base. While your sense of smell might be overwhelmed with the scents, take a sniff of the bottle of coffee beans to refresh your senses! The instructor will then fill the 50ml perfume bottle with your chosen perfume base. These perfume bases are uniquely created by GN Perfume Studio.

Step 2: Select your scents

After choosing the perfume base, it is time to design your unique fragrance by selecting the scents to be used. Within the 7 available scents, there are fruity scents, woody scents and seasonal scents available in specific seasons only (E.g. spring – cherry blossom scent). These scents are once again unique creations that are only available at GN Perfume Studio!

You will be given a checklist to note down the description of the scents and the desired portion to be used in forms of droplets. End off this step by using a dropper to add the scents into your perfume bottle!

Step 3: Add a personalized label

Next, add a label onto your perfume bottle! The perfume label is an iconic design of GN Perfume Studio’s creations. All you have to do is name your creation and pen down your own name with the date of creation!

Step 4: Blend the ingredients

Curious how would your personalised fragrance turn out? You will only find out after 14 days, the required time needed for the process of blending the perfume base and scents. Good things are worth the wait, aren’t they?

Author’s Note:

It was an enjoyable perfume-making session creating our own scent in the heart of Seoul! We love how each and every scent are unique in its own way, making it challenging to pick our choice of scents to add into our perfume! Our personal favorites are Cherry Blossom (seasonal) and Lily of The Valley. If you prefer fruity scents, Mandarin and Cassis Fruits will be ideal.

Make Your Own Perfume in Seoul

Duration: 1 – 2 hours
Advance Booking: 2 days in advance, subject to class availability
Location: Myeongdong branch, Itaewon branch, Bangbae branch.
What’s included: 50ml of perfume, ingredients and tools required for perfume making, detailed guidance from instructor.

Click here for more information on the perfume making activity in Seoul

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