[TRAZY] Making Your Own Fragrant Flower Wax Tablets in Seoul

Trazy - Fragrant Flower Wax Tablet Workshop

Seoul – What’s your travel style? If you are looking for unique activities while travelling in Seoul, this is an activity you shouldn’t miss! Thanks to the team at Trazy, we had the chance to experience the Fragrant Flower Wax Tablet making workshop conducted by Joy Academy in Seoul. Trazy is a foreigner-friendly website where you can find the most unique activities in South Korea that even the locals like!

Trazy - Fragrant Flower Wax Tablet Workshop .

Getting Started

Each participant will be given the following items: an apron, a measuring spoon, a tweezer, 6 wax tablet moulds, a pen and 3 sticker labels to indicate the name of the fragrances that you have chosen. Put on your apron and get started on a creative journey on creating your very own flower wax tablets!

KAvenyou’s pick:

  1. Heavenly Peach
  2. Herpedes (grapefruit)
  3. English Pear and Freesia

Trazy - Fragrant Flower Wax Tablet Workshop .

The Perfect Scent

The founder of Joy Academy, Joy, started off by introducing the types of scents. Some of the types include citrus, woody, floral and many more. Here is your chance to carefully take a sniff of every bottle of fragrances and pick three of your top favourites which will be used for your wax tablets.

Following next, you will be introduced to the various types of waxes used in the market such as soy wax and beeswax (used in the workshop).

Trazy - Fragrant Flower Wax Tablet Workshop .

Unleash Your Creativity

People say creativity reflects your personality. Are you a minimalist or do you prefer an extravagant style? The next step involves choosing your preferred florals from the wide range of preserved flowers available and start on the layout of the tablet in the mould. Lacking some creative juices? Fret not, Joy is generous in giving tips on how to design your wax tablets! As Joy has mentioned, there is no wrong or right to designing your flower wax tablets so let your creativity go wild!

Trazy - Fragrant Flower Wax Tablet Workshop .

Mix the Fragrances

Up next, the beeswax pallets will be heated to the right temperature by Joy. Then, the liquified wax will be distributed to the participants in paper cups, who will then mix in their selected fragrances with the measuring spoon and stirer!

Trazy - Fragrant Flower Wax Tablet Workshop .

Creating the Masterpiece

This has got to be the most exciting step – pouring the liquid wax into the mould! It’s hard to contain the excitement while waiting for the liquid wax to be partially solidified so that the preserved flowers can be arranged in. Although the solidification happens quickly, Joy has a secret weapon that can help you during the decorating process (You’ll find out when you attend the workshop!).

Trazy - Fragrant Flower Wax Tablet Workshop .

Stain and Coat

While waiting for the wax tablets to fully solidify, each participant will be given a wooden frame which is handmade by one of the partners of Joy Academy. Your mission is to coat the wooden frame with a layer of eco-friendly stain to give it a natural shade. Be in control of the tone of the wooden brown and apply more coats to achieve a darker shade.

Trazy - Fragrant Flower Wax Tablet Workshop .

The History of Hanji

Watch a video to learn about the history of Hanji and how it is made from its raw ingredients. You will learn about the main ingredient of making Hanji and why Hanji is longer-lasting than other papers. Choose from the naturally coloured Hanji in a tinge of yellow or the other with pressed flowers!

The Hanji will then be glued onto the backing board of the wooden frame and act as the background of your wax tablet. A nail will be drilled into the board so that your favourite wax tablet can be hanged in the wooden frame.

Trazy - Fragrant Flower Wax Tablet Workshop . Trazy - Fragrant Flower Wax Tablet Workshop

The Final Masterpiece

We are almost there! The last few steps require you to tie a ribbon onto the individual wax tablets and choose one to be displayed within the wooden frame. After selecting your most-satisfied wax tablet, the last step will be folding the paper boxes to store the remaining wax tablets!

Trazy - Fragrant Flower Wax Tablet Workshop

Additional Information

Schedule: Classes are available at 2PM on Thursday and Saturday only.
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
Location: 6 minutes walk from Saejeol Station (line 6)
Book your slot now –  www.trazy.com/experience/detail/flower-wax-tablet-making

Author’s Note:

It was a fun and interesting session making the flower wax tablets! At the end of the day, everyone’s wax tablets were all very different. This is what motivates Joy in conducting her workshops – seeing the participants creating beautiful masterpieces. It could be the perfect gift for any occasion or a souvenir for your trip. I hope you’ll enjoy this workshop as much as I did! Book now to make your very own the flower wax tablet to commemorate your adventures in Seoul

Trazy - Fragrant Flower Wax Tablet workshop

Special thanks to Trazy.com for the amazing hands-on experience in Seoul! 
Photography and article by Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou.com

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