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Under much fans anticipation, Stardom Entertainment’s thirteen-member super rookie boy group, Topp Dogg finally had their very first showcase in Malaysia, organized by Jazzy Group. The showcase was held to an overwhelming crowd of 1,200 at HGH Convention Centre on the 7th December 2014.

Despite the absence of fellow member, Seogoong, who was still recovering from his leg injury and set to rejoin the group during their upcoming American showcase in February, the boys were still able to mesmerize the passionate fans with a series of powerful dance as they performed their hit songs, Say It , Open The Door, Top Dog, Arario, Peekaboo, Annie, Why Am I Like This and more.


The group’s visit in Malaysia was well-received throughout their arrival and departure. As more than hundreds of fans flocked the Malaysian airport just to have a glimpse of their favourite boys. The warm welcome at airport has prompted the group to confess that they have not expected such passionate reception and were greatly touched by it. They had also apologized to their beloved Topp Klass, a name in which their fans were collectively known as; for not visiting Malaysia earlier, as well as promising to visit Malaysia more often.
The group pulled one surprises after another throughout the showcase as lucky Topp Klass were able to have an opportunity to get close with their favourite boys on stage through traditional Korean game, “Cham Cham Cham” where fans were chosen on stage to play a game with members of Topp Dogg where they try to make each other turn their opponent’s head in the same direction as their hands and losers would be punished by a squeaky hammer.

The second of the games sees several lucky Topp Klass were chosen on stage to be taught a portion of the group’s dance and compete with each other as the winner with most votes earned a back-hug from the boys.
Towards the end of the showcase, member Kidoh was threw a birthday surprise as fans celebrated his upcoming birthday on stage under the presence of his fellow members while he was performing his solo stage performance.

The showcase was then successfully wrapped up following an autograph session where hundreds of lucky Topp Klass were given the chance to have their posters signed by their favourite boys on stage.

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