[2017 Review] Top 5 breakout groups of 2017

2017 was an eventful year for Kpop. Many groups made their debut or comeback and many talented artistes came bursting onto our small screens. We’ve rounded the top 5 breakout groups of the year that added the most excitement to the music scene in Korea:

1. Wanna One


No one comes up with a breakout artiste list and not include Wanna One. This 11-piece boy group took the world by storm (quite literally) after emerging tops in MNET’s reality TV programme Produce 101. Their catchy music, sleek dance moves and a knack for variety (watch: Weekly Idol episode) won over the hearts countless fans around the world. Within a year of their debut, they’ve toured Asia at sold-out concerts and have multiple awards under their belts. If that doesn’t spell OMG we don’t know what will~ Oh and did we mention, their boyish good looks are to die for?

2. JBJ

KAvenyou’s own

Another group of Produce 101 roots, JBJ is another project group to watch out for in 2018 (sadly…while you still can). JBJ, short for Just Be Joyful, sure has brought much joy to their fans within a short amount of time since their debut. Like Wanna One, they’ve hopped on to their first Asian tour within mere months of their debut, winning the hearts of international Joyfuls.

3. K.A.R.D


We haven’t had co-ed group debut in the Kpop scene in really quite a while, so K.A.R.D was a refreshing face to watch! Their first project single “Oh Nana” peaked at number 5 on the Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart, with their EP “Hola Hola” reaching number 6 on the Gaon Album Chart. More impressively, the quartet has already started touring South America and even Europe! DSP Media definitely made the right move with this co-ed group debut and addictive tunes, we can’t wait for more!



NU’EST W isn’t technically a newly debuted group, but we think they deserve this mention. Hidden under the radar for way too long, this group (formerly known as NU’EST) of talented boys showed us just how idol-worthy on Produce 101. Since then, they’ve been swept up in waves of recognition after the survival programme was over. NU’EST W was then re-formed and scheduled for a long-awaited comeback, and they did not disappoint. Since then, the boy group has never stopped proving their capabilities with their trendy music and choreography.

5. Highlight


We can’t give Highlight a miss on this list, taking into account of a new life as a boy group with a different name. After overcoming long struggles with their previous entertainment company over their original name BEAST, the boys bounced back into the Kpop music scene surrounded by anticipation from fans with the album “Can You Feel It?”. Though fans have remained loyal to this group since their original debut days in 2009, they’ve since gained much more recognition and fans through variety show appearances and more distinctive musical styles.


Were there any other groups that caught your eye in 2017? Let us know in the comments section below!

Article by: Beatrice @ KAvenyou

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