#ThrowbackSISTAR 5 SISTAR Songs That Shook The K-pop Scene

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Say hello to July as we pass the halfway mark of 2017! Every passing year is a test of time and perseverance for many K-pop groups. Although groups mature in skill as the years go by, fans can’t help but have growing worries about the sustainability of the group’s livelihood.

(Photo Credits: JYP Entertainment)
(Photo Credits: LeeSsang Company)

Just to do a rain check, 16 groups have since announced their disbandment. The more prominent groups include Wonder Girls who was responsible for the worldwide hit, ‘Nobody’ and LeeSsang – An acclaimed hip-hop duo consisting of Show Me The Money Season 5 judge Gil and ex-Running Man member Gary.

(Photo Credits: Starship Entertainment)

One of the most recent groups that left many K-pop fans heartbroken was SISTAR.

SISTAR is a five-member girl group that debuted on the 3rd of June in 2010. They debuted with the single ‘Push Push’ and gained significant popularity with their song ‘So Cool’ and they are currently known best for being a girl group with a modern image with strong vocals.

They have also gained significant traction in the variety show industry by making appearances on a wide range of shows such as Hyorin’s appearance in music shows (King of Masked Singer, Duet Song Festival, Unpretty Rapstar 2 etc.) and Soyou’s music success through the highly popular song, ‘Some’, a duet with Junggigo. 

Members Dasom & Bora  have made a debut in acting in dramas such as Band of Sisters (2017) & Doctor Stranger (2015) respectively.

With such a firm foothold in the industry, it is safe to say that they will be one of the groups that will be dearly missed by K-pop fans.

Although SISTAR has already ceased to be, here are 5 songs that will be remembered fondly and will carry their legacy.

1. I Swear

Year of Release: 2014

Album: Sweet and Sour

Hyorin’s steady vocals lure you in from the start and progresses into a stereotypical girl group pop song beat before exploding into the chorus. The chorus utilises SISTAR’s strong vocals and formulates two counts of melodious ‘I Swear’s which is repeated throughout the song and gives the song its “SISTAR” vibe.

2. Alone


Year of Release: 2012

Album: Alone

This song begins with suspenseful piano chords which are repeated throughout the song, giving it a “sad but seductive” vibe. It was also famous for its sexy leg dance which other idols tried to emulate to varying degrees of success.

If the title sounds foreign to you, you’re probably most familiar with your favourite boy groups doing hilarious parodies:


But my favourite one is definitely Jong Kook swaying his enormous biceps and hips to the song on Running Man:

3. Give It To Me

Year of Release: 2013

Album: Give It To Me

This song seems to break stereotypes about girls being the passive party in relationships and sings about girls (presumably SISTAR themselves) actively asking for others to give love to them. The song’s start is similar to Alone, where suspenseful piano chords are used which are then repeated throughout the song. And a similar technique was used in the song ‘I Swear’ where the title of the song serves as the chorus and is repeated throughout.

Although this song lacks some kind of alluring charm that’s in their other songs, it’s still a notable mention and worthy of its spot on this list.

4. Shake It

Year of Release:  2015

Album: Shake It

This song probably wanted to emulate the success of ‘Touch My Body’ and it deserves its credit for maintaining the same vibes without letting the song be a complete flop. By 2014, SISTAR has moved away from their elegant, sexy vibes and have since moved towards a sporty and healthy concept.

Concept changes are usually a big risk for idol groups as it could mean a make or break, even if they have a substantial fan following. In this case, it worked out pretty well for SISTAR and their fans.


5. Touch My Body


Year of Release: 2014

Album: Touch N Move

‘Touch My Body’ stands out as one of the most popular SISTAR songs. Within merely 5 months of its release, nearly 15,000 copies of the physical album were sold, bringing it up to the 2nd place on weekly Gaon charts.

You know a K-pop song has made its mainstream success when other K-pop idol groups start dancing to it and you know the song has nailed it when it makes its way to variety shows. I shall not elaborate further on the success of the song, just check out this video:

Although SISTAR has disbanded, they parted ways on a good note, for better futures for themselves on different paths. What they have left us with are good memories and great songs that will live on forever. We will miss you SISTAR! All the best in your future endeavours!

Following the large number of K-pop idols who are getting together, Bora and BIGSTAR member Feeldog are the latest addition to the list. Congratulations to both Bora and Feeldog!

Article by: Cass Zheng @ KAvenyou

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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