The Legend of Future Past: Nike Air Max 95 OG

nike air max 95 og

Singapore, August 2015 – Two decades ago, the Sergio Lozano-designed Nike Air Max 95 introduced a futurist approach to running design. Inspired by human anatomy, the shoe made a bold statement with its molded upper, neon yellow detail, black outsole and visible forefoot air. 20 years and two revolutionary iterations later, the silhouette returns in its original form for both men and women.

The source of the assurance for its acclaim was Nike footwear designer Sergio Lozano. From the day he was recruited to work on the Air Max project, strong faith in himself and his team carried the Air Max 95 through countless reviews and into production. It was not easy.

“The first concept review for the Air Max 95 wasn’t a success across the board, some people thought it was good and others didn’t like it at all,” Lozano recollects while discussing the obstacles he faced while designing the Nike Air Max 95.

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With no shortage of perseverance, Lozano and his team battled through review after review until the shoe was put into production. His confidence paid off as the shoe soon became synonymous with budding music movements from London to New York, and beyond, whose collective and characteristic brash sounds paralleled the shoes unapologetic aesthetic. Youth culture rallied behind the Air Max 95 and the Air Max franchise blossomed into a style staple. The running category’s gamble paid off and it re-claimed its spot as a footwear powerhouse as well as captured the minds of young designers around the world. Now at the mature age of twenty, Sergio Lozano’s concept still influences contemporary design.

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The Nike Air Max 95 OG is available in selected Nike stores now at SGD249.

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