Follow Kim Rae Won, Son Ho Jun And Gong Seung Yeon Out On The Frontline In Korean Drama “The First Responders”

When accidents and emergencies strike, first responders throw caution to the wind and put themselves in harm’s way to save the lives of others. In the new Korean drama, “The First Responders“, audiences are invited to ride along with several emergency services workers as they cooperate to save those in need and solve cases – which aired its first episode on Disney+ on November 12.

“The First Responders” follows Jin Hogae, a talented detective with a knack for understanding the criminal mind; Bong Dojin an enthusiastic firefighter who takes great care of victims, and Song Seol, a paramedic with a warm heart; showing how fate and tragedy brings them all together to save lives and help those most seriously impacted.

Starring Kim Rae Won (Doctors, Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me) as detective Jin Hogae; Son Ho Jun (Dazzling, Reply 1994) as firefighter Bong Dojin, and Gong Seung Yeon (Six Flying Dragons, Heard it Through the Grapevine) as paramedic Song Seol, The First Responders is written by Min Jieun (Partners for Justice), and directed by Shin Kyungsoo (Nokdu Flower, Six Flying Dragons).

Stream “The First Responders”, now showing on Disney+.

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