The Bawdies introduce themselves to KAvenyou ahead of Europe tour

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Bawdies Europe tourThe Bawdies is a Japanese group that may surprise you. Their music finds its roots in the music from the 50’s to the 70’s, and definitely gives off some british feeling. So there is no wonder many media and industry insiders are sometimes comparing this 4-members group to The Beatles. Discover them now!

The Bawdies are about to tour Europe with concerts in Dusseldorf, Paris and London. If you already know them, you probably know the European audience is in for a gig full of talent and fun.
For our readers who are still wondering if they should attend their concert or not, here is a way to learn more about the Bawdies. They have answered our questions right before heading to the “old continent”.

Q : First of all, please introduce yourself and your music to our readers.
ROY: We are a band influenced by the music which has been created between the 50’s and the
70’s, which means gospel, blues, Rhythm and blues, Rock ’n’ roll, soul, funk.
We wish to be able to commute the energy that these kinds of music spread to the people who live nowadays.
By that we want people to acknowledge it and be able to give hopes and energy.

Q : You are really different from what people think of when hearing “japanese rock band”.
What are your influences and inspirations?
ROY: I think that it’s because the music we’ve been influenced by are different.
We are influenced by music which has been created between the 50’s and the 70’s, which means
gospel, blues, Rhythm and blues, Rock ’n’ roll, soul, funk and the British beat which also has been
influenced by it in the 60’s.
Unfortunately, it is not a culture that is known by the Japanese young people.

Q : You have known each others for quite some time now. Years ago, would you have imagine yourselves touring Europe?
TAXMAN: Before our debut, we’ve gone twice in Australia, so we’ve been aiming to go to Europe.
But back to our fifteen, sixteen years old it wouldn’t even had been imaginable.

Q : Was there any special preparations for this tour?
JIM: « We want to show our everyday’s selves! » Is what we’ve been thinking so it’s not like there was a special preparation. Nevertheless, we’ve changed a bit our set list by adding song we didn’t
play in japan for a while. In our point of view, these songs will be better welcomed in Europe than in

Q : Have you planned on visiting Europe and playing tourists during this tour?
ROY:It seems like wer’e going to have one day to rest in London so i think we’re going to look for
some record shop!
TAXMAN:I’d like to go to the Abbey Road!
JIM: I’d like to go the Louvre museum.
MARCY:I’d like to drink German beer and eat sausages in Germany!

Q :  What are your projects in terms of international activities?
MARCY: We want to spread our Rock ’n’ roll around the world by joining festivals or organizing tours!
Moreover, we want to invite foreign artists that we love in Japan, so that Japanese people can acknowledge that there are lots of amazing artists around the world!

Q : Concerning your music, should we expect you to keep developing your current style or are you planning on experimenting new things?
ROY: I think that if we keep on like this, our music will naturally develop, but we want to keep appealing the roots music and make it known in Japan so being a rock ’n’ roll band is really important for us.

Q : What would your dream be for the next few years?
ROY: We’d like to divide the world by making tours! Then, sharing stages with worldwide musicians.

Q : Do you have a message for our readers?
ROY: Making people happy with our music will be the best for me! Let’s leave our body to the groove and enjoy the live together!
TAXMAN: I always wanted to come in Europe, so making this dream come true is really amazing! I’d like to you a Rock ’n’ roll made in Japan, so be prepared for it!
JIM: It’s an honor for me to be able to make an Europe tour and I’m really exited about it ! I’ll do my best to make it as funny as we always do, so let’s have fun together!
MARCY: Sharing why we have built up until now and make it an amazing show is my goal!
One of our junior group named « BO NINGEN » will play with us in Paris and London so i’m also
very exited about it.

For more information about this tour and to buy ticket, you can visit B7 Klan’s website.
We would like to thank B7 Klan and The Bawdies for this interview.

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