[Foodie Friday] Where to satisfy your Thai ice cream rolls cravings in Singapore

Happy Rollies

Firstly, in the wake of the recent bombing incident in Bangkok, I would like to hope for the best and for the city to recover soon.

Besides the ongoing bingsu craze which is still raging hot in Singapore, another popular dessert from a neighbouring country is making is way to our shores, taking over one pasar malam (night market) at a time. Because of this latest fad, you can see snaking queues forming in night markets, simply just for a cup of Thai ice cream rolls!

The ice cream rolls are quite Instagram-worthy, but a shortcoming is that they melt way too fast!! Do have your phone on camera mode ready when your ice cream rolls are served!

KAvenyou has helped to hunt down 4 ice cream rolls shops in Singapore, to save you the hassle of individually combing through every night market.

1) Happy Rollies

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Happy Rollies was the one who introduced the idea of Thai ice cream rolls into night markets and bazaars – starting with the Geylang Serai Bazaar. Currently, they have moved on further west, to the Jurong East Bazaar, introducing new flavours such as thai milk tea and kinder bueno.

Facebook: Happy Rollies
Instagram: @happyrollies

2) Go Frost

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Go Frost is another ice cream roll store that is always on the go, but with a pushcart concept. Previously, it was located near Happy Rollies at Wednesday Cafe, but as of now it has relocated to Tampines.

Facebook: Go Frost
Instagram: @gofrostsg

3) 21 CUBE Artisan Ice Cream

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Despite being the newest kid on the block with the store having opened for barely a month, long queues have already been spotted at 21 CUBE’s humble store located in *SCAPE.

Facebook: 21 CUBE Artisan Ice Cream
Instagram: @21cube

4) COyOrO

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COyOrO stands for Cool. Yogurt. Roll. (in case you thought the owner was inspired by tYpInG LiKe tHiS). Depending on what you order, your yogurt/ice cream rolls may come in a coconut husk, and you get yogurt soft serves on top of the rolls too! COyOrO has 2 outlets in Singapore – one in East Village and the other located in Sun Plaza.

Facebook: COyOrO
Instagram: @coyoro

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