[Techie Tuesday] Trailer Review: The most Jurassic Trailer at Super Bowl Weekend!


So last week I said I would do the occasional movie trailer breakdown or review. Therefore, this week, I bring you into a Jurassic World.

Alright, I know I’m a week late for this update, but who caught the Jurassic World Super Bowl TV Spot last week?! Since I saw it, I have not been able to stop watching the trailer!

First off, it has been a while since I heard that there were talks of making a new Jurassic Park movie. Wait, you guys have seen the Jurassic Park movies have you? You know…super rich old man, happens to be the founder and CEO of a bioengineering company who then decides to go ahead and create a theme park called Jurassic Park? Filled with cloned dinosaurs. And then everything goes wrong…well you get the story.


Now, I grew up on the Jurassic Park franchise just like I grew up on the Ghostbusters franchise (we will leave this for another day). This was good news to me when I first heard of the movie being in the works and then before I knew it, an official trailer was dropped end November last year.

Now what got me really excited watching the first trailer was seeing those gates opening up and finally revealing ‘Jurassic World’ to the public. I also must say, the tech and facilities look like they have improved tremendously! Did you all see the Gyrosphere? Would love to be able to drive some of that tech one day? The transition from automated cars as trams in the past film and actual high-tech trams in JW is apparent in the time difference. As well as the Gyrosphere replacing jeeps that drove Dr. Alan Grant’s (Sam Neil) team around to show them the attractions. I find that this way, it allows you to be closer to the dinosaurs. Who wouldn’t love that?!



So onto the new trailer, released during the Super Bowl. This version is a minute shorter than the first trailer and has a couple of scene from that trailer but also revealed a lot more of the Hybrid Dinosaur, revealed recently to be called Indominos Rex. As Star-Lord put it, “You guys just went and made a dinosaur?”, probably not the best idea indeed. In this short 1 minute, you get a glimpse of how bad an idea it was to create such a monster. Totally nasty~


Before, we also saw that Chris Pratt (Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy) plays an on-site staff who conducts behavioral research on the Velociraptors. Previously in the prequels, we saw that Velociraptors are a smart and unforgiving bunch of dinosaurs who in Dr. Grant’s words “Cannot be tamed.” So seeing that in this movie, the raptors have been tamed and are fighting on our side, totally amazes me.


In many ways, the new Jurassic Park(World) movie pays homage to the very first one made. Especially with the music.

If you haven’t caught either one trailer, here they are!

First trailer:

Super Bowl TV Spot:

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