[Techie Tuesday] The must-have for the modern traveler to stay connected on a holiday

2 June 2015, Singapore – Being a lifestyle blog, we have always tried to bring the best kept secrets to you. Instead of sharing this at Wanderlust Wednesday, we thought this is better suited for Techie Tuesday; since this is obviously something you need while traveling overseas.

This is no other than the “Overseas Wi-Fi Router” rental that is available at the Changi Recommends booths all around the “World’s Best Airport” – Changi International Airport. How is this different from the overseas SIM cards, another service available at the Changi Recommends booths? With most of us carrying more than a single device requiring connection to the internet (i.e. mobile phone and tablet) the SIM card although a cheaper option, is also clearly a more selfish option. When traveling in a group, a single Wi-Fi router can often allow for up to about 5 – 10 devices to be connected (depending on the router). I will not say that the router guarantees you blazing connection to the internet, but definitely good enough for the traveling needs of navigation and updating your SNS accounts.

These are promotional rates, so do check the Changi Recommends website for updated rates.

Ranging from SG$12 to SG$25 per day for single country rentals, it sounds pretty reasonable if you split the cost out to the number of devices that can be connected. As there is still a data cap for daily usage (on selected destinations due to the Fair Usage Policy imposed by the country’s ISP), it is definitely not something you will use for streaming of data consuming content (who actually uses such devices to stream videos overseas?).


I actually traveled with one with my recent trip to Hong Kong, and if you follow us on Instagram @KAvenyou; you would have seen the photos that I shared thanks to the connectivity from this Wi-Fi router. It is easy to rent as everything can be done in advance over the Changi Recommends website. All you need to do is collect the device right before you fly off at the preferred location located in all the 3 terminals of the airport. This also ensures that you get immediate connection the moment you step off your aircraft in the destination country, without having to join the often snaking queues to purchase SIM cards or rent mobile routers upon arrival.

To improve travellers renting experience, you are now also able to make reservations either by calling the call centre at 6922 9508 or whatsapp to 9427 6977. More information are available on Changi Recommends website – www.changiwifi.com.

Some things to probably also note is that connections may not be all flawless, as there can be occasional blind spots where connections may be poor. If a country as small as Singapore can have blind spots, I personally don’t see why it cannot occurs when overseas. The device also tends to become hot with prolonged usage, so I will advise against keeping it in your pocket. So why not take a look at some photos I took in Hong Kong and shared using the overseas router?

central-hong-kong-kavenyou dim-sum-hong-kong-kavenyou yuen-long-hong-kong-kavenyoutai-cheong-egg-tart-hong-kong-kavenyou

Do check it out the next time you are traveling.

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