[Techie Tuesday] Nerdgasm: What is Nerd Block?

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28 April 2015 – Subscription boxes have always been something that’s popular in the U.S. and not really a need for us but when I saw the ad for Nerd Block, I knew I needed to get my hands on it. Believe it or not, it took a whole minute to convince myself I just have to start subscribing.

What are Subscription Boxes?


Well to simply put it, they’re a boxful of food/toys/office supplies that is delivered to you once a month.

The good thing? You don’t ever have to leave your house! Well, that or it’s meant for the really busy people who want to shop but don’t have the luxury of time to do so.

These are exceptionally popular in America and Canada. They even have one service that ships out all sorts of marinated pork to you monthly! Imagine that! Cajun flavored pork…YUMMEH!

For me, I was looking to get a site that ships out toys to me because, I really love toys and sometimes, it’s hard to find in Singapore or if you do find it, they cost like a bomb!

I came across a couple of sites that do the monthly subscription services but a lot don’t ship internationally.

Those that do are Nerd Block and Comic Boxer. But I’m going to feature Nerd Block because they are that cool and partly because it’s the first box to arrive. My Comic Boxer isn’t here yet and I still have a couple more weeks to wait for that.

So, what is Nerd Block?

The Nerd Block is basically a box of (nerdy) surprises. They have up to 6 different blocks for you to choose from.

Nerd Block Classic

Nerd Block Junior Boys

Nerd Block Junior Girls

Arcade Block

Horror Block

Comic Block (recently added. First Block starts in May and is up for subscribing.)

After selecting which block you’re looking to subscribe to, get yourself ready to receive a box of awesomeness every month! On top of that, if you’re feeling up for a change, you can actually switch blocks! Just make sure to update your account 24 hours before the 1st of the month (for Horror and Arcade, it’s 24 hours before 10th of the month).


I’ve always wanted these kinda services where I get shipped a boxful of toys and collectibles monthly and not having to worry about going out to buy them myself. I’m kinda lazy hahaha!

Therefore, I got my hands on the Nerd Block Classic and it cost me SGD46 a month with shipping only because it went for the monthly subscription instead of annual one (though this is cheaper).

In each Nerd block, you’ll receive a standard T-shirt together with 4-6 other items depending on the curator and what they want the fans to get that month!

Have I peaked your interest? Here’s a video on how it works!

Stay tuned to my post next week for the review of the April 2015 Edition of Nerd Block. For now, head over to Nerd Block to start subscribing!

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