[Techie Tuesday] Logitech X300: The all-rounded mobile speaker that packs a K-Pop party punch

31 March 2015, Singapore – We hardly do reviews, here at KAvenyou simply because it takes some effort to try out products and I am not the most hardworking you can find out there. A week ago, the good people from Logitech sent me this beautiful stereo mobile speaker the X300. For one moment I thought Christmas came early until I was informed to return it. =X

I am not the audiophile, but honestly who needs an audiophile to tell the layman what is good or bad? I can tell obvious sound differences, but who am I to tell you if some bass or treble for that matter is missing or lacking?


Anyways, first impression of the speaker is the balanced colour tone used; not too bright or loud yet cool enough to be carried around. Clearly I will choose the pink and blue as the top colour choices to be carried around. Buttons are large and obvious enough for the heavily short-sighted as well, if all eyes fail the the cut grooves of the buttons will guide you along.


The entire build of the speaker is very sturdy, but it is a little heavy as compared to many similar products out there. Instead of the typical plastic body, the body of the X300 is rubberised that gives a better grip. You should also not be too worried by easily scratch-able matte or glossy plastics.

Since it’s a wireless bluetooth speaker, the first thing did was to pair it with my iPhone. The pairing was lighting quick unlike many out there that takes ages just to detect it. The range of detection feels long enough, as I had no issues leaving the speaker in the room while walking out to the living room keeping control.

A speaker has to work properly like one, and I absolutely have no qualms about it. I tested it with KPop, Mandopop and English hits and the music was crisp enough for my liking. I personally liked it being an all-rounder with balanced sound for Kpop songs like APink’s Mr Chu and NoNoNo. However if you are someone who prefers to nitpick on specific preferences like wanting heavier bass or what nots, you better bring your sub-woofers around. I found the speaker sounding better when listening to it from a distance, and it sounded great even at high volumes; which is why I call this a party speaker. Absolutely no problems for the sound to fill up an entire room, and it seems to have quite a high volume range to do that job.

Priced at S$99 on the Logitech Singapore website, this is no doubt one at great value as compared to many other supposedly more branded ones in the market. We would not want to compare this with their small rounded competitors since the functionalities and target market seems a little different.

As a summary, it is a worthy buy for any casual music lovers like me to bring to a party, outdoor barbecue or even for casual use at home. I would also not complain if someone were to buy this for me as a gift. However, if you do not need to get a speaker, clearly I wouldn’t encourage you to buy it for fun though.

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