Taiwanese entertainer 小蝦 debuts as a singer under the name 陳大天 (Daniel Chen)

10403107_10152660048535617_1868041828127787307_n8 November 2014, Singapore – Known for his abilities to imitate singers like Aska Yang, Yoga Lin and Fei Yuqing, Taiwanese entertainer 小蝦 shows that he is not only able to imitate singers, but is also capable of being a singer himself.

While better known for his abilities to imitate singers like Aska Yang, Yoga Lin and Fei Yuqing, Taiwanese entertainer 小蝦 had actually made his entrance into the showbiz through a singing competition. After which, he rose to fame through his imitations of popular singers, and is now better known as an entertainer than a singer.

However, he had not given up on his dream of becoming a singer, and held on to the belief that there would be a day where he would be able to sing his own songs. He believed that it was through imitating that the audience got to better understand the possibilities of his voice.

His efforts finally paid off and he would now be meeting the audience with a new identity. He will be debuting as a singer under the name 陳大天 and would be releasing his first album, 陳大天告白日記.

Many established musicians like Jay Chou, Magic Power and Adia (阿弟仔) have been involved in the production of this album. 陳大天 had also personally penned the lyrics for his title track, 每每. With the release of the song, he had received a lot of positive feedback with regards to his identity as a singer, and netizens had even compared him to Eason Chan.

Watch Daniel Chen, 陳大天 title track 每每 (Everytime) Official MV here:


陳大天’s first album, 陳大天告白日記, will be released on 11th November.

Photo credit: Forward Music

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