[SWAG CHECK] STAYREAL x GUDETAMA – Be as lazy as possible!

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Photo via danielfooddiary.com

Taiwan – Well, well. If you have not heard about Gudetama, you probably need some catching up. The almighty Gudetama took the world by storm and no one could stop him. Yes, unstoppable. He’s quite a hot topic on Twitter too, check out his official twitter account here. From the first Gudetama Dim Sum Restaurant (Dim Sum Icon 点心代表) in Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon to the first Gudetama Cafe (HEP Five, Osaka) in Japan, where will the next invasion be? Make a guess.



Also known as the lazy egg or ‘蛋黄哥‘, it’s an iconic figure for all the lazy bums in the world. The most unmotivated Sanrio character in history has officially landed in StayReal, one of the top streetwear fashion label in Asia. Check out the collection below ranging from Tshirts, snapback, backpack and more! Quoted by StayReal 「懶得有理、懶得有型」- You can release your inner lazy bum, so why not be stylishly lazy like Gudetama?

Photo via StayReal Facebook page

StayReal’s collaboration launches have always been impressive, this time too. Which is your favorite piece in the collection? Tell us in the comments section below!

The StayReal x Gudetama collection will be officially launched on 4th March 2016. 

Official Images via StayReal Facebook page. Article by Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou

StayReal x Gudetama Official Notice
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StayReal Official eStore

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