[Swag Check] Fashionably Fit For The Haze

Indonesia is back to its old tricks again, and a cloud of haze has settled over Singapore and its neighboring region. Fear not as we bring you a few tips to combat this haze and stay swagilicious!

1. Wear A Mask


Take this chance to emulate one of your favourite Kpop idols! Idols have been known to wear some outrageous masks on stage (think G-Dragon, BoA, J-Hope), but if standing out is a little bit too much, try one of these normal face masks.

EXO members' face masks
EXO members’ face masks
B.A.P’s Zelo’s awe-inspiring facemask
B.A.P’s Zelo’s awe-inspiring facemask

You can get anything from a mouth to your favourite Kpop group member’s name emblazoned on it, the possibilities are quite limitless! Embrace your creativity and wear the mask proudly to keep those dust particles out and your fashion sense in.

2. Bright and Loud Clothing


Hoping to stand out amidst all the dust particles in the air? This is the perfect time to try out some neon clothing, or at least more bright colors if you aren’t that daring. Kpop idols are known for their immaculately loud yet outstanding dress sense.

Its time to take a leaf out of their books now and put all those fashion tips form your idols to use. One of our favourite idols with top fashion sense is Kai from EXO. I’m sure you’ll be able to see him coming from a far even with the haze clouding everything.

Well guys its time to break out those colors, blocks, prints, anything goes in this hazy weather!

3. Eat Some Bingsu


This might be a little bit unrelated, but everyone can’t resist bingsu right? There’s pretty much nigh else to do without sightseeing or stay outside too long because the skies aren’t clear, and its really stuffy and hot as well. Nothing like a little shaved ice to cool things off!

If you get that camera out, you might even snap the next shot for your Instagram. Bragging rights to you for heading out when everyone is stuck indoors as well. Check out our previous article (we will update on more bingsu cafes soon!) for our top picks of bingsu cafes.

Let us know what else you guys get up to coping with this horrible haze!

Article by: Michelle @ KAvenyou.com

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