[Swag Check] A Bathing Ape X Dragon Ball Z

The biggest A Bathing Ape x Dragon Ball Z collaboration had arrived! Once again, Baby Milo and Goku join forces together and had a biggest collaboration to date. Characters from the Dragon Ball world, like Master Roshi and Krillin will be in a cutesy form. The collaboration will be printed on wearable pieces like T-shirts, hoodies and crew neck sweatshirts. These apparel is complemented by a selection of accessories, like pillow, tote bags and coffee mug.

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Fans of Goku from Dragon Ball Z? Well, you should try to get these items before they are sold out! Well, who can resist the cute version of Goku and the other characters from Dragon Ball Z? The collection will launch worldwide at BAPE locations starting 23 April 2016.

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