1 Year with SuperM: The Avengers of K-Pop’s Most Iconic Stages

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It’s been a year since SM’s K-Pop supergroup SuperM officially debuted on 4 October 2019 with their first mini album ‘SuperM’ and the electrifying music video for ‘Jopping’, which was filmed in Dubai. Besides Jopping’s stages (since the stages are mostly, of not all, equally as captivating), what other memorable stages are there?

Baekhyun’s High Notes in ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’

Baekhyun’s effortless high notes matches really well with the traditional instrumentals used for the track. Initially when the instrumental version of the song was pre-released online, people were skeptical of how the song will turn out to be – but the group’s vocals, along with their harmonisations, blended into the backing track well.

P.S. We are also very much in love with Kai’s sexy back showing from his stage outfit.


Taemin’s Body Vibration during ‘Super Car’

The part where Taemin (aka the dance machine) hits the ‘vroom’ and vibrates his whole body starts from 2:48. And we can’t stop looping it.


Taeyong on the floor during ‘No Matters’

The most talked about dance move for this song starts at 2:03 (bless this fancam in 4K resolution). Fans who have witnessed this in real life (especially up close) must indeed have been a blessed bunch.


‘100’ on Good Morning America

We have been captivated from the moment the performance started, starting from their synchronised dance choreography. We go 100!

Another equally impressive ‘100’ performance was their first Japanese stage on Asahi Music Station, where the background effects added to the wow factor.


Performing ‘Tiger Inside’ Wearing Modern Hanboks

Fans’ wishes came true as the SuperM members performed ‘Tiger Inside’ on tvN’s variety show “As We Wish” donning the modern hanboks that were seen in their music video. The members radiated royal vibes in those majestic outfits, and Taeyong’s unique hanbok crop top also highlighted his sexiness.


Mark’s Iconic Rap in ‘Jopping’

Technically, this isn’t considered a stage performance since it’s in Jopping’s music video, but it will be such a pity not to include this, because we have no other words to describe this besides ‘iconic’. At the time of posting, this Twitter video has already exceed 9.4 million views.


There are of course, other spectacular stages (most of theirs are!), but the list will be quite a long one if we were to include everything. How about you tell us what your favourite and iconic SuperM performance is!

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