Sung Hoon kicks off Starhub Night of Stars 2019

Sung Hoon Starhub Night of Stars meet and greet

South Korean actor, Sung Hoon kicks off Starhub Night of Stars 2019 with a meet and greet with his fans yesterday evening at City Square Mall.

South Korean reality series I Live Alone features celebrities and their personal lives in their own homes. I Live Alone is nominated for the Favourite Variety Show award at this year’s Starhub Night of Stars.

Sung Hoon Starhub Night of Stars Press Conference

At the press conference held yesterday, Sung Hoon shared with us his thoughts on being on I Live Alone. He found the filming process really comfortable and was glad that he did not have to put on an image on the show.

Sung Hoon mentioned that he doesn’t really listen to Hip Hop music but listens to EDM, Pop and Korean music a lot.

With regards to why he’s always casted for rich CEO roles, he mentioned that his first role as an actor was a rich character. It could be due to its high ratings, but ever since then he has been frequently casted for such roles.

He also shared that if he were to live like his rich drama characters, he will first purchase a private jet so he can bring his dog – Yanghee along with him overseas.

Sung Hoon had everyone swooning over him during the meet and greet as he met with his enthusiastic fans.

We feel that Sung Hoon should be crowned the king of fanservice. He tried his hardest to give all his fans the best fanservice. Even walked down from the stage to personally hand prizes over to his fans!

Throughout the meet and greet, the king of fanservice warmly shook hands with all the fans he met and did as much as he could to reciprocate the love his fans have showered onto him.

Sung Hoon said that as the meet and greet this time was really short, he hopes to be able to play and have fun with his fans in the future as he closed off.

Sung Hoon Starhub Night of Stars Meet and Greet

When that happens will you be there to join Sung Hoon in the fun?

StarHub Night of Stars 2019 will return on Sunday, 24 November.

Fans can expect a star-studded line-up of top celebrities from China, Korean, Taiwan and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit

To catch more of Sung Hoon, tune in to Oh!K (StarHub channel 816) to catch him in action on I Live Alone. A special weekend marathon is airing throughout the month of October, every Saturday at 10.50pm. New episodes of I Live Alone are also available every Sunday, 1050pm on Oh!K (StarHub channel 816).

Also, don’t forget to vote for I Live Alone on Starhub’s Facebook page!

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