[COVERAGE] Highlights: Skechers' Sundown Festival Press Conference

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Miss the acts from Skechers Sundown Festival already? Don’t fret, don’t break a sweat!

Here are the highlights from Friday’s press conference!

First up, rising up from our heartlands, local artists Cheryl Loon and Farrago!

(Image credits: Red Spade Entertainment)

Cheryl looked like what she described herself as “the girl next door”, clad in her modified Skechers Sundown Festival t-shirt, she expressed that it was an honor for her to be invited to Skechers Sundown Festival as a local artist and when asked if this was the largest crowd she has performed to, she nervously nodded and replied with a “yes”.

Local rock band Farrago has emphasized that they are a local band albeit being comprised of members of different nationalities with Dave the vocalist/guitarist hailing from Australia, and I quote him “the best thing to come out of Australia since Vegemite”, Miwa the bassist from the land of the rising sun, Japan and local guys Tristan the drummer and Jonathan who plays the lead guitar. Also playing to their biggest crowd ever, Farrago answered to questions with a quirky sense of humor. The members sheepishly admitted that having been in Singapore for such a long time, they are already deeply embedded into local culture.

(Image credits: Red Spade Entertainment
(Image credits: Red Spade Entertainment

Indonesian rock band J-Rocks, is made up of band members Iman, Sony, Swara and Anton. Their music is heavily influenced by Japanese rock music and even though there was a slight language barrier, they have showed through their actions and gestures that they were very thankful to be invited as one of the acts in Skechers Sundown Festival.

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放射空間 or otherwise known as Ground Zero is an organic rock band that came from the land of milk tea and pearls, Taiwan. The band members appeared energetic as they walked into the ballroom with light steps. When asked by the MC how they would describe themselves to someone who has never heard their music before, guitarist Ivan matter-of-factly answered, “Organic Rock”, causing the room to erupt in laughter.

Even though Chinese-spoken, guitarist Ivan confidently conversed in English and when the MC asked what inspired them to write them music they do, he humbly responded that Ground Zero knows life is hard so they write songs based on life experiences. He responded to the stereotype that rock music is a lot of anger and has emphasized that rock music isn’t all about anger – Just a lot of expression and it’s time to have a new face for rock.

KAvenyou decided to hype things up a little and asked Ground Zero what they do before they go up on stage and an interesting exchange of conversation between the members ensued.

Ivan has interestingly shared that all the members warm up separately and only meet each other again when they’re on stage to perform. He has also teased that if any of us were to visit the gents, we could have a “free live concert” from vocalist Ray who warms up alone in the toilet cubicles. Jokingly, he pointed at Jason the bassist and said that his job backstage was to do nothing but use his phone and also calm drummer Shin down from his pre-performance nerves.

(Image credits: Red Spade Entertainment)

INKT is a Japanese rock band that debuted last year in 2014. Even though the band is only almost two years old, the members have had rich prior experience in the industry as members of bands previously, notably “KAT-TUN” and “High And Mighty”. They bowed to the media as they were walking in and proceeded to sit on their seats, each having a placard with their names. When being asked what their music identity was, vocalist Koki Tanaka took the lead to answer that in their 1st Album it was about what they could learn as a new formation, what their true identity was and when they were sure of that, in their 2nd album they were more aggressive about their music and they also put in a lot more effort to showcase what they are at present and what they’re working on now.

(Image credits: Red Spade Entertainment)

Potato is an indie-rock band from Thailand and of course, not many bands out there have a vegetable as their name. When questioned why they decided to name themselves Potato, Pup the lead vocalist broke into a gentle smile and explained that it’s a wordplay with Thai words as it means ‘happy’ or ‘happiness’ and that’s what their band hopes to bring to their fans – Happiness.


When KAvenyou prompted them with a question of what songs they would recommend to their fans to listen to when they were sad, there was a moment of silence as the members all held serious expressions and pondered deeply about the question. Pup’s face once again lit up with excitement and answered that he hopes that their fans would listen to their new song that was released 4 months ago, “Left Behind” and also one of their popular songs “Tur Young” that has a contrasting soft melody accompanied with lyrics of longing for love. Pup reiterated that even though the song has a sad melody it is not a sad song.

KAvenyou would like to thank Skechers and Red Spade Entertainment for the media invitation to cover Skechers’ Sundown Festival 2015’s Press Conference.

That’s all from the press conference newsroom! Do you still want more? Stay tuned to the post covering the festival, coming up very soon on KAvenyou: Your Avenue to Non-Stop Entertainment, Lifestyle and Fashion“.

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Article by: Cass Zheng @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Beatrice Ng @ KAvenyou
Official photos by: Red Spade Entertainment

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