Stuff you should know before HallyuPopFest 2018 kicks off!

stuff you should know for hallyupopfest artistes list

The largest K-Pop festival will be blasting to live tomorrow, and we thought these are stuff you should know before getting all immersed in it. Take it as a little FAQ, or insights we managed to threaten the organisers for; on behalf of you fans!

What time should I be there for the whole event?

The showcase will start at 1PM, followed by the red carpet at 3.30PM and the evening concert at 8PM. If you want to have a good spot for the showcase / red carpet, make sure you come early to queue for it; BUT NOTE THAT OFFICIALLY NO QUEUEING BEFORE 10AM.

Stuff you should know about the Red Carpet

The idols performing for the day will be sashaying down the red carpet, hopefully received by enthusiastic the fans before entering indoor stadium. (This is also the only chance for fans/public who do not have a ticket to see your idols!)

If you are one of the lucky fans who got the FAN ZONE PASSES, you are allowed to enter the allocated area to see your idols up-close! But there is limited space, so be sure to queue early!

Those who don’t have the FAN ZONE PASS, fret not! There is a public square area for you! Only 300 people are allowed in the area! As usual by the organisers, NO OVERNIGHT QUEUEING ALLOWED.

The cut off time for the pens will be at 3:15PM!

Stuff you should know about the afternoon Showcase

The showcase is open to all ticket-holders for the evening concerts. Please be sure to have your evening concert tickets with you. The serial number of the showcase tickets are tagged to that of the evening concerts tickets; so both needs to be verified to gain you access to the showcase! Do note that the showcase is free standing so it’s a first-come-first-serve basis! Showcase queue opens at 10AM.

We heard from a little bird that the showcases for all 3 days will last between 90 – 120 minutes; which means that each artiste has put together up to 60mins of performances and interactions with fans! That is as long as the usual fan meetings that you would be paying for separately. Of course final reminder, BRING YOUR EVENING CONCERT TICKETS WHEN GOING FOR THE AFTERNOON SHOWCASE.

Where should I queue for my evening concert?

Different CATs will have different queue areas, so be sure to go to the right one to avoid wasting time.

  • DAEBAK priority queue @ F1
  • CAT 1 Standing PEN C & D @ F2
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For other CATS ticket holders, refer to your ticket for the location (East Entrance, etc…)

Can I still buy tickets?

Of course you can!

All HallyuPopFest tickets will be available for purchase via Sportshubtix. 
– Online Booking:
– Phone Booking: +65 3158 7888
– Box Office: Singapore Indoor Stadium Box Office, The Star Performing Arts Centre Box Office, Scotts Square Concierge Desk and all Singpost outlets

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Ps: We will be giving away FREE fan zone passes for SATURDAY and SUNDAY! Do stay tuned to our Instagram page for the next few days for more details!

For more details, please head over to Hallyupopfest website! >>>

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