Stray Kids – 9 talented JYP boys sharing one passionate dream

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Recognizing Stray Kids

Starting off as individual trainees, nine talented boys came together with the same passionate dream through a survival program, “Stray Kids” and they debuted on March 25th 2018 under JYP Entertainment. The group consists of members Bang Chan, Woojin, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N.

A name familiar to the K-Pop community, Stray Kids has recently made a comeback with “MIROH” and has finally (and tearfully) taken their well-deserved first music show trophy home. After being announced the winner for the first time, where the candidates for first place were Haeun and Yosep’s “Girlfriend” and Stray Kids “MIROH”, the members immediately broke down in tears when they ultimately took the win. 

Given that the boys had a hot debut with “District 9” and subsequent comeback and special stages with “My Pace”, “Hellevator” and “I Am You”, favourites of many, it isn’t hard to see the reason why these boys are currently the center of attention.  On April 4, Stray Kids finally received their first win since their debut with “MIROH” on MNET Countdown and their fanbase “Stay” could not be happier as they celebrated on Twitter with the hashtags #MIROH1stWin #StrayKids1stWin.

To add on to their emotional and endearing win, JYP Entertainment founder and producer Park Jin Young posted a screenshot of their first ever music show win on his personal Instagram to congratulate them! 

He shared, “Stray Kids & Stay, congrats on your 1st music show no.1! But always make sure to focus on your true skills rather than results. Than the results will follow♡” With their true skills and such an affectionate producer rooting behind them, we can clearly see how the boys have come a long way and can’t wait to see how Stray Kids will continue to grow and win more awards.

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