Stray Kids prove they’re experienced idols in Paris

Stray Kids Unveil Tour in Paris

Stray Kids, a group that debuted less than 2 years ago, is currently touring the world. Their Unveil tour stopped in Paris on July, 30th.

The concert was held at Dock Pullman, a venue that had never hosted K-Pop events before. For fans who were affraid to get lost though, no worries. It was easy to spot the yellow-and-black outfits many Stays were wearing. A dress-code that made reference to “Yellow Wood”, the title of the group’s latest album, released in June.

After entering the venue, the lack of air-conditionning was easy to feel. The concert hadn’t even started but fans were already feeling unwell. Hot enough for the fans to loose their energy ? Of course not ! It seems the best way Stays found to fight head-to-head with the heat was to hype Stray Kids even more.

Stray Kids - Unveil Tour in Paris

Regarding the cheerings from fans, nothing was left out. Stays sang along, jumped around, made bits of the choreo. More noticeably, they made sure to chant the names of each member individually when it was their turn to speak. For Stays, when it comes to Stray Kids, it’s “Nine or None”. They made sure to prove that point by cheering equally for all members. With a slightly more personnalized focus on Bangchan, the group’s leader.

Once Bangchan started to speak, fans started chanting “Bangchan President” as well as “Bang Chan Best Leader”. Though it made him obviously happy, it also made him shy and awkward. He almost seemed to not know how to react, until he decided that the focus should be on the whole group. He himself made sure to change the “Bangchan” screams into “Stray Kids” ones. As a true “Best Leader” would actually do.

Stray Kids - Unveil Tour in Paris

Regarding the performances, Stray Kids took a stroll down their list of hit tracks. Their career my not be long yet, but they’ve been very active. Their 6 albums and 1 single (including the pre-debut releases) give them plenty of choices for a fun-filled tracklist. Hellevator, District 9, Mirror, My Pace and Side Effects were most probably among the most awaited ones.

For such a young group, they already look amazingly experienced on stage. As they are from JYP Entertainment, it’s not easy for a young group to meet the expectations that K-Pop fans have.

Stray Kids - Unveil Tour in Paris

Stray Kids met them for sure – and even exceeded them. They looked at ease on stage. The efforts to create perfect performances were obviously here, but hard to see behind their smiles and good energy. They looked experienced enough to nail the choreographies while enjoying themselves, rather than looking nervous or too focused on their dance moves. They may be following their own pace but still did grow up and spread their wings a lot already.

Stray Kids - Unveil Tour in Paris

All throughout the concert, Stray Kids and Stays seemed to understand each others a lot. It let both sides have cute interactions, like when the members turned into conductors who led the choir of Stays. The members were really proud when they managed to make all excited Stays stop screaming at once.

Stray Kids were happy that Stays sang along with the songs. They stated that it made them realize people who speak other languages can understand their message too. I.N was especially grateful that the cheers got louder as the concert went on and that he wants Stray Kids to be a group that shares emotions with their fans.

It makes no doubts that fans could understand everything the group wanted to say and convey and that this mutual understanding will only grow as time goes by and as Stray Kids release their own music, as the all-rounded artists they are.

Stray Kids - Unveil Tour in Paris

We’d like to thank MyMusicTaste for having us at the concert. Visit their website to request concerts in your city!

Article : Céline | Photos : Soizic Cistac

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