STAYC Delivers Flawless Live Vocals at [TEENFRESH] Singapore Concert Stop

STAYC girls, it’s going down—indeed, STAYC’s first solo concert in Singapore, [TEENFRESH] went down with a bang on the evening of February 16th.

Following a VCR where the members were dressed in monochrome colours while being surrounded by microphones and bright lights, STAYC appeared on stage decked in a similar fashion and kicked off their show with their high intensity track ‘SO BAD’, followed by ‘RUN2U’ and ‘Poppy’. SWITHs wasted no time in warming up with enthusiastic fanchants to welcome the girls.

Greeting their fans in a mix of Korean and English, STAYC noted that their fans also coordinated and dressed up according to the dress code for the Singapore stop, which was blue. Though the members weren’t dressed in blue stage outfits then, they showed the blue aspects they had prepared in their outfits in their parts to follow the dress code as well.

Besides their catchy pop tunes accompanied with cutesy dance moves for tracks like ‘Poppy’, ‘Teddy Bear’ and ‘Bubble’, STAYC also proved their flawless vocals with ‘YOUNG LUV’ and ‘COMPLEX’ , where the members delivered their lines and harmonised with one another effortlessly.

After a quirky VCR where STAYC members split into groups to play games and prove their compatability, the girls returned to stage in a set of matching pink and black outfits to perform ‘Not Like You’, ‘STEREOTYPE’ and ‘Teddy Bear’.

Bringing up the topic of Singapore, the members were excited to try local delicacies—specifically chilli crab and kaya toast, and also promised to visit Marina Bay Sands and Universal Studios Singapore, which were both recommended by SWITHs!

After checking in with their fans, STAYC continued to performed a medley, consisting of ‘LOVE’, ‘247’ and ‘LIKE THIS’. Specially for the Singapore stop, the members prepared a special cover stage of local artiste Sezairi’s ‘It’s You’ to serenade their beloved Singapore SWITHs.

“Singapore, you are my love, my life, my beginning!”

Fans got to know the members more during the VCR where they were matched according to their MBTIs to play mini games. STAYC also asked fans about their MBTI types, but remarked that SWITHs all became type ‘E’ that evening because of their enthusiasm and loud cheers for the group.

The audience got treated to ‘Flexing On My Ex’, a song that STAYC has only performed at concerts, but they were surprised that so many fans seem to already know the song well!

STAYC got the heat rising in the venue further with iconic tracks like ‘BEAUTIFUL MONSTER’, ‘Bubble’ and a remix of ‘ASAP’, and it was amazing how everyone in the crowd chanted in unison to their trademark lines in each song.

For their encore, STAYC re-emerged on stage donning cute Sanrio character headbands and matching plushies dangling on their bottoms for ‘SAME SAME’ and ‘SLOW DOWN’.

A surprise VCR event prepared by Singapore SWITHs was shown onscreen, and the girls were really touched by this ‘grandiose gift’ that they have received from their Singapore fans.

“I hope we can return to Singapore ASAP!”

The evening was, in STAYC’s catchphrase—행땅 감땅* (haeng ddang gam ddang) and the concert concluded on a high with another rendition of ‘Bubble’.

*행땅 감땅 = 행복많다 감동많다 (full of happiness and gratitude), a term coined by STAYC themselves!

Photo Credits: CK Star Entertainment, STAYC

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