[Sponsored Video] If you think Valentine's Day is all about love, think lust…

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11 February 2015 – February is a month of love as the day where people express their love for each other in all forms. A couple expressing love for each other, children showing their love for their parents and siblings showing that they enjoy each other’s company. How would “bros” show love for each other? Clearly I wouldn’t mention a bunch of friends enjoying football together, which is a familiar sight from the red post-paid television provider in Singapore.

Carlsberg launched a campaign to show you how it is done. At least in my opinion, a bunch of “bros” watching an erotic film together; or should I say watching an erotic Carlsberg advertisement and being left lusting for an ice cold beer? Carlsberg with all it’s confidence or ego thinks that they can be the best in the world at doing everything; apart from the usual quality ice cold golden beer.

In it’s entirety, this cool campaign attracted our attention with the play of attention-grabbing words like  “unforgettable”, “breathtaking”, “really wet”, and “erotic”. How can one even think of making a beer love film with such factual and what I call misleading terms? In writing this, I even considered assigning at least a M18 rating in case our younger readers got really excited about the beer.


Apart from being probably the best at making and erotic drama, Carlsberg also took a stab at being the best at Karaoke. As if having everyone drunk from Carlsberg and singing Karaoke is any gauge of quality singing. If it was so easy, I would have already been a winner of Singapore Idol. You need to get everyone drunk and not only yourself to achieve better results. #CarlsbergKaraoke

Although we probably felt “scammed” by the terms and title, they sure did a great campaign in getting my attention in at least viewing the video.

This article is sponsored by Carlsberg.

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