[Sponsored Video] Coca Cola teaches you the right way to say “Thank You”

The thank you that makes us happiest is the one with our name.

Every person in the world meets countless new faces every day through their daily activities like buying groceries, pumping petrol at a petrol kiosk, buying food at an eatery or simply walking pass the security guard at your apartment. At least one of them would definitely have left an impression to you in some way; but have you ever wondered what keeps them going the extra mile to make your day every other day?

On Friday, September 12, Coca Cola surprised the world with the heartwarming, eye-opening video The Happiest Thank You. It features hidden cameras capturing everyday moments of various people, as well as that one person who has made their day happier. However, there is one common problem in all these people. They have no idea what are the names of these people who constantly brightens up their day. This is when Coca Cola comes into the picture, where these people show their appreciation through #ShareACoke.

Marivic cried and jumped for joy when she received an unexpected surprise— a thank you with her name together with a personalized Coke bottle.
Used to being called “Kuya,” Ronilo felt really happy when he heard his real name.

Though a simple gesture, many people often forgets that a little personal acknowledgement is good enough to brighten the day of anyone. This personal acknowledgement can be as simple as addressing a person by his or her name, as we often remember we hate being called a nickname. If you can simply recall, calling one “names” is often an act of bullying in elementary school.

“I didn’t expect him to know my name.” Artemio just couldn’t believe it.

So the next time you walk pass the security guard keeping you safe at your apartment, or getting yourself a bite at the fast-food restaurant; spend some time looking at those name-tags and give the person serving you a personal acknowledgement. A little courtesy can go a long way and brighten someones’ day.

This post has been sponsored by Coca Cola but all thoughts are our own.

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