‘Nirvana Girl’ SORN Shows Her Evolution Over the Last Decade at First Solo Concert in Singapore

I’m on my way to be Nirvana girl, a newer, better me, out of this world!

Thai soloist, SORN, known for being in Cube Entertainment’s girl group CLC and the winner of the first season of K-Pop Star Hunt 2011, held her first solo concert, [SORN: Nirvana Girl] in Singapore on 25th November 2023. The 27-year-old brought the audience along her journey through the evolution of her art over the last decade, from her K-Pop days to her current solo career.

SORN got the party started with her 2022 hits ‘Sharp Objects’ and ‘Scorpio’. While introducing the next song, fan favourite ‘Run’, SORN shared that this song was also affectionately dubbed ‘The Yeehaw Song’ by her fans as she was in her cowgirl era with her styling then.

Throwing back to her girl group days, SORN surprised her Cheshires (CLC fans) with performing some of CLC’s biggest hits like ‘No’, ‘Black Dress’, ‘도깨비(Hobgoblin)’ and ‘HELICOPTER’. Promising to bring the members back together, SORN explained that the members were unable to make it for the concert that day as they were busy with their own plans. A quick online search on the members showed that they are still active in front and behind the camera, from YuJin re-debuting in girl group ‘Kep1er’ to Seungyeon choreographing ‘Nirvana Girl’ released by SORN and YeEun.

SORN also revealed, “Not having the opportunity to be on stage with them for the time being is really sad. But to be honest, I really wouldn’t change anything about it as I have that experience. That is why I am SORN, standing on the stage today.”

Sharing a little on how she started her K-pop journey, SORN also played her audition videos onstage (Yes, we saw teenage SORN singing Bruno Mars’s ‘Just The Way You Are” on the big screen). Stating that life as a trainee was not as fun as she thought it would be, SORN said that she was constantly crying during the intense K-Pop training as she was so afraid that she would be sent home. With no family and friends around her, it was music that helped her get through her tough times. Nevertheless, SORN disclosed that her family was super superstitious and believes that it was fate that led her to her current career.

From soulful renditions of Minnie Riperton’s ‘Lovin’ You’ and Miley Cyrus’s ‘The Climb’ to sexy dance covers of Britney Spears’s ‘Toxic’ and Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’, the multi talented artist showed many sides of her and definitely let the audience get to know her better.

SORN also performed two of her unreleased songs ‘Cool’ and ‘Crazy Stupid Love’, teasing she hasn’t decided when to drop them but it should be soon. Ending the concert with ‘Rowdy’ and ‘Nirvana Girl’, SORN also asked fans what was their favourite part of the concert and burst out laughing when fans replied; ‘You!’

We look forward to SORN’s future activities, especially the concert she joked that would be happening the very next day at the fan’s house.

Thank you Viu SG for the media invite to [SORN: Nirvana Girl] 1st Solo Concert in Singapore.

Article: Angeline @ KAvenyou
Official Photos: Viu and WILD GROUP

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