So Jisub says he’s a Sexy Man!


22nd August 2014 – Charismatic actor, So Jisub was in town last night to greet his fans at an open press conference at City Square Mall. Those of you who are familiar with him will know him from his drama “Master’s Sun” or his movie “A Company Man“.

During the press conference, So Jisub told the fans how grateful he felt for the popularity of his drama ‘Master’s Sun”. He had actually started out his career as a model in 1995 before rising to fame in 2002 as a second lead in the drama “Glass Slippers“.

“Thank you so much for all the love” – So Jisub

Speaking more about his role and whether there were similarities with his character, Joo Joongwon, So Jisub was quick to say that they were in fact complete opposites! Joo Joongwon is a self-centered, ambitious, haughty and money driven businessman whereas So Jisub is quite reserved and not talkative.

“Although Joo Joongwon is a little negative in the drama, at least he is honest!” – So Jisub

Since the character, Tae Gongshil, can see ghosts, So Jisub admittedly said that he would not mind dating a girl who can see ghosts as it does not matter to him. Though he would rather be an ordinary person than someone who posses super powers or be someone like Joo Joongwon who helps Tae Gongshil banish ghosts with a touch.

He also said that he would rather be called a sexy man instead of a handsome man.

“I’ve never thought myself to be handsome and good looking” – So Jisub

As a huge fan of Hip Hop, So Jisub has released 3 albums and 1 single in the last 4 years. He said that his most recent album expresses his feelings and what he started on as well as the memories he had from his career that’s why it was titled ‘18 years‘.

Being honest, So Jisub said that he does not have any power to collaborate with other singers but he does wish to work with overseas actors. He also says that he will continue recording Hip Hop albums.

“Why can’t I choose all?” (When asked to choose between being a rapper, an actor or a sexy man.) – So Jisub

He also said he wants to choose a girl that can understand him well and support his career because to him, looks does not matter and rather have someone who is considerate.

This being his first time in Singapore, So Jisub told everyone that he is ready to be himself and be true to himself for the fan meet.

Lastly, the ever so charming So Jisub ended the press conference with a “I love you la~” to all his Singaporean fans!


Get your tickets and catch So Jisub live at his ‘Let’s Have Fun’ Singapore Fan meet at The Star Theatre today at 7.45pm!

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