Skechers Sundown Festival aims to unite and promote Asian music


29 November 2014, Singapore – As a stage set out to promote Asian music, the Skechers Sundown Festival brings together singers and musicians from 11 different Asian countries. The artistes met the local media during a press conference held on 21 November.

Describing Singapore as a “mini Asia”, local rap artist ShiGGa Shay (Singapore) who would be performing the opening act of the festival feels that Singapore is like a melting pot with many different cultures. With the many different countries coming together to share the same stage, he felt like Singapore was the “United Nations for music”. Thai band BIG ASS (Thailand) also shared that based on their past experiences of performing in Singapore, Singapore had a very good music crowd.

With the Skechers Sundown Festival bringing together singers from all over Asia, rising K-pop group, CROSS GENE (Korea), had repeatedly emphasized that they were very honoured to be able to represent Korea. Hong Kong actor-singer, Kate Tsui (Hong Kong), admitted that she was very nervous to be performing on such a massive scale, with superb singers from all over Asia. Singaporean singer Olivia Ong (Singapore) also revealed that she had prepared a special collaboration with her producer just for the Skechers Sundown Festival, and hopes to give the audience a more personal touch.

The Skechers Sundown Festival aims to unite Asian music and promote it to the rest of the world.

Undoubtedly, the cohesiveness of Asian music has been increasingly rapidly over the years with many cross-national collaborations.  In line with this, Indonesian girl group S.O.S (Indonesia), which was formed as a collaboration between Indonesia and Korea, feels that the festival could help to bring people together to witness the improvement in Asian music.

As a multi-national group, CROSS GENE had expressed that they would also to try singing in Chinese so as to get closer to their growing Chinese fan base, and also to fans in Singapore, “We would like to come here as often as possible. Please invite us often. We will be here whenever you invite us.

With regards to music, WEAVER’s (Japan) lead vocalist Yuji shared that he sings as a form of communication because he wasn’t good with language. Kanika Kapoor (India) says that she makes music and sings in the style which she loves, and that there must be a good balance between lyrics and melody. PUPIL (Philippines) would love to do something different with the other artistes, given a chance.

Taiwanese veteran singer Chang Chen Yue (Taiwan) also shared how his music had changed over the years. As he grew and experienced more things in life, his music became simpler and more straightforward. To him, emotions played a greater part than technique and good music was something simple that could touch people’s hearts.

As a small preview to the festival next year, it was announced that the festival would introduce an inaugural Skechers Sundown Festival Music Conference, where festival goers will see some of the biggest Asian producers, promoters and new Asian artistes.

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