Bring the swag on at the 2019 SKA Super Swag Festival in Korea

2019 SKA Super Swag Festival Korea concert event

Attention, all music, and festival lovers! – If you love music and especially Korean hip-hop, do not hesitate to join the best hip hop festival in Korea. 2019 SKA Super Swag Festival is upcoming in October, with a terrific lineup! Why don’t you have fun enjoying the coolest hip hop music and performance? Now, let’s buckle down to the details! 

SKA Super Swag Festival is into it’s 5th year running. As one of the hottest music festivals in Korea that attracts worldwide hip hop lovers, and is a concert that features the hottest Korean hip hop artistes. Experience the full vigor of rhythmic beats, and bounce with the top artistes including Zico, CrushPenomeco, BewhY, DPR Live, Giriboy, Kid Milli, HAON, Rohann, Vinxen, and more. The festival will be held at the Incheon Namdong Gymnasium this October. It is traditionally challenging for non-Koreans living overseas to gain access to tickets for these events, but our partner Trazy is here to bridge the gap. Gain exclusive early bird discounts and more!

2019 SKA Super Swag Festival VIP Standing Ticket

Date: 26 October 2019 (Sat)
Festival Time: 4:00pm – 10:00pm
Ticket booth open time: 12:00pm – 6:30pm
Festival gate open: 2:45pm
Venue: Incheon Namdong Gymnasium
Zone: VIP Standing Zone by the stage
Lineup: Zico, Crush, Penomeco, BewhY, DPR Live, Giriboy, Kid Milli, HAON, Rohann, Vinxen, and more
Tickets: Early Bird 25% Off (until Sep 9) tickets are available here!

*Participants must be at least 13 years old to attend the festival.
*Entry is based on a first-come, first-served basis.

<2019 SKA Super-Swag FESTIVAL, 시즌5>인천에서 #역대급 #끝판왕 #힙합페스티벌#1차얼리버드 아직두 예매 안함??믿고보는 #스카페스티벌 #라인업 #가격 정말 실화냐구~?ㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍ???1차 라인업???ㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍ☆ZICO ☆CRUSH ☆PENOMECO☆BewhY ☆DPR LIVE ☆GIRIBOY ☆Kid Milli ㆍ ㆍ☆HAON ☆ROHANN ☆VINXENㆍㆍㆍ=================================== ㆍ*공연일시 : 2019. 10. 26 (토) 4pm~10pm*장소 : 인천 남동체육관*예매처 : 멜론티켓, 인터파크, 티켓링크, Trazy ㆍㆍㆍㆍ?1차 얼리버드 특가 진행중?VIP스탠딩&지정석: ₩66,000 / R지정석:₩55,000ㆍㆍㆍㆍㆍ?2차 라인업 추가발표?9월3일(화) 8pm / #미친라인업 / 스탠딩 현장 선착순ㆍ?인스타 팔로우~ 지금 gogo~? 초대권이벤트 진행중ㆍㆍ#지코 #크러쉬 #페노메코 #비와이 #DPRLIVE #기리보이 #키드밀리 #김하온 #이로한 #이병재 #SKAFESTIVAL #인천

Posted by SKA Factory Inc. on Monday, 26 August 2019

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