Why study abroad when you can experience Singapore’s own NTU

20 April 2016, Singapore – We Singaporeans grow up in an interesting and competitive education system, where all children need to do is start young and start learning whatever that needs to be learned as early as possible. If we look back 10 years, what we used to learn in secondary schools could have already become part of the primary school curriculum. The amount of stress that the students face now could be the reason why many youths would rather choose to study abroad if their family finances allow.

Having said that, is Singapore’s schools more inferior than the top universities in the world? What actually defines the top universities in the world? It is hard to put down our own local universities because Singapore students are so strong academically, and the only reason I would discourage you from going to one; is probably the lack of development of the soft skills in students. Being good in your grades does not translate to the ability to survive in the harsh world out there.

Interestingly, the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU) has launched this campaign to showcase the colourful life of a student; without having to study abroad. To quote Ivory (the feature student in the video) “If I want the overseas experience, I can always go for exchange”. Whether your university life can be as colourful depends on what you choose it to be. There are so many things you could do apart from mugging away and learn only through memorising your textbooks or lecture notes. So why not find out what is so great about NTU from Ivory’s experience below?

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