[COVERAGE] SHINee’s Back: K-Pop Princes Dazzle Their Way Back to Singapore After a 12-Year Wait

SHINee’s back! 

After 12 years of waiting, SHINee is finally back to our sunny island with their latest concert tour, SHINee World IV – Perfect Illumination. The boys, decked in blue military outfits, performed their first act with the song ‘Sherlock’. 

As we thought that their setlist might be similar to the past concerts in Korea and Japan, Key mentioned that they changed up their setlist a little bit. “It’s been a long time and we want to show you guys what SHINee is so we changed the songs to ‘‘Lucifer’ and ‘Sherlock’ instead of ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Atlantis’.” They remarked that they have seen the fans grow from ‘aegi’ (baby) to adults over the past 10 years.

Taemin’s impressive 11-second long note during ‘Lucifer’ (originally Jonghyun’s part) drew deafening cheers from the crowd.

SHINee never fails to give a little sweet tease to their fans as they performed several songs such as ‘Sweet Misery’, ‘Code’, ‘Body Rhythm’ and ‘Juice’. In between, we have Taemin taking off his jacket and Minho revealing his abs to the fans.

After bringing an intense explosive performance, SHINee returned in classy outfits that dazzled the crowd. This time, the members belted ballads with their sweet voices that brought Shawols to tears, including nostalgic classics like ‘Replay’, ‘Aside’, ‘An Ode to You’, and ‘An Encore’.

In between their performances, the boys took the chance to share with the fans what they have been doing in Singapore. For example, Minho and Taemin went for a swim while Key slept in the hotel. The boys also managed to enjoy chilli crabs and pepper crabs in the waiting room during their rehearsal.

Taemin: “What is your favourite food, Minho? Chilli crab?” 

Minho: “No, I love pepper crab and Singapore view”. (Not forgetting him showering his ‘holy water’–also the title of Taemin’s solo track, on Taemin)

Shawols prepared a fan project for the members before the encore, singing ‘Selene 6.23’ while waiting for the boys to return to the stage. They held up banners during the encore ment, with the message ‘샤이니 15년동안 희망이 었고 앞으로의 꿈입니다’ (SHINee has been our hope for 15 years and our dream for the future). The boys were touched by this surprise event.

Minho: “It’s been a while since we are back here, thank you so much for the event and please keep supporting us!” 

Taemin: “Please keep looking at us, especially for our individual work and we hope to show it to you in Singapore!”

Last but not least, the boys performed songs such as ‘Hard’, ‘Hitchhiking’ and ‘Runaway’ before bidding their goodbyes to the fans.

We can all feel the sincerity from SHINee as they changed their setlist for Singapore and tried their best to converse with the fans in English instead of Korean. We hope to see SHINee back again in Singapore very soon!

Taemin: “I hope next time when we come here, we don’t need to wait for another 12 years.”

Minho: “I’ve been looking forward to coming back here whenever I heard fans say that they were waiting for us.” 

Key: “We will never wait for another 12 years to come back again, never.”

Article: Xiaosi @ KAvenyou
Official Photography: SM Entertainment

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